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One of the best things about being human is that pretty amazing things can happen when we share ‘stuff’. This is a big part of what Hey Sigmund is about. We love conversation and we’d love you to join.

We all have a story to tell. Every single one of us. Everyone has loved, lost and learnt. It’s part of being human. Nothing feels better than hearing from somebody else who’s been there. If you have a story to tell or some wisdom you’ve picked up along the way, we would love you to share it here – you’ll never know how many people will be needing to hear exactly what you have to say. Conversations make a difference. We are happy to consider any submission that fits under our banner of being human … that should be broad enough for you!

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Ale Alberti
26th October, 2015

My Story of Struggle and Hope (by Ale` Alberti)

My name is Alessandro (Ale`) Alberti and I am a cofounder of Black Dog on a Lead. I am going to be totally open and honest about my struggles with depression and anxiety so hopefully my short story will give those who suffer in silence, the courage to turn to someone close to them and say, “hey! I’m not feeling too good.”

How Would You React If You Found Out You Were Dying?
30th September, 2015

How Would You React If You Found Out You Were Dying? (by Michelle P Maidenberg PhD)

Through my non-profit “Thru My Eyes” I interview parents who are faced with life threatening illnesses and enable them to leave a video legacy for their children and loved ones. People often ask me, how are you able to sit and speak with someone so intimately, while asking them some of the hardest questions and still remain composed and present while fully knowing what lies ahead for them?

The Psychological Impact of Pursuing Childhood Stardom
7th September, 2015

The Psychological Impact of Pursuing Childhood Stardom

By Megan Rees

When people learn that my children have worked in the film and television industry for most of their lives, I am asked all the questions you would expect … How did they get into it? Aren’t you worried about them missing school? Do people recognize them in the street? And as understandable as all those questions are, the one that really matters is, do they enjoy it?  

Navigating the Anxiety of Growing Up
24th August, 2015

Navigating the Anxiety of Growing Up

By Sarah Sacks

 Long after the children had gone to bed, I came home last night to learn that our youngest had asked the question “Dad…is the Tooth Fairy real?” 

Three kids on, between us we’ve been asked this question many times and dodged it, in so many ways.  But this time, my husband confessed he couldn’t turn away from her direct and insistent gaze.

23rd July, 2015

Borderline Personality Disorder – From Hell to Recovery (by Amy Evans)

By Amy Evans

I once believed suicide was my only option. I had developed belief systems in my childhood that I was unaware of until i was 26 years old. These beliefs were strong and complex, many to do with how I viewed myself and how I viewed other people. Suicide first became an option for me when I was only 12 years old. My Dad’s brother took his life and that changed the course of my life forever. I still remember the phone call from my Dad and him telling me what my favourite uncle had done to himself. I was horrified and confused.

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