The Best Ever Resource Set (Save 15%)

(Save 15%)
This set includes
the large 40cm amygdala warrior plushie (the cuddliest bodyguard), and the paperback versions of all five books: ‘Hey Warrior’, ‘Hey Awesome’, ‘Dear You Love From Your Brain’, ‘But We’re Not Lions’, and ‘Ups and Downs’. This powerful set is a must-have resource for anyone who loves, cares for, or works with young ones.
(77 customer reviews)

From: USD $71.29

From: USD $71.29

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77 reviews for The Best Ever Resource Set (Save 15%)

  1. Claire P (verified owner)

    I have just received my Hey Warrior set and they are even better than I imagined. I live in the UK but I am so glad I bought them from the Hey Sigmund site and they were worth the wait!! I am looking forward to using these as a psychologist to help young and old understand how our brain works. I look forward to more resources.

  2. Christiane (verified owner)

    What an incredible resource. I have 2 sons, age 3 and 6. I am a therapist who works with adults and I also have struggled with anxiety my entire life. I just LOVE the amygdala character. I even use it with my adults clients as a way to personify anxiety. The quality of the books is so incredible. The images are so beautiful I could look at them all day. The small activities detailed in the book and the writing is so welcoming and encouraging. I feel like I’m healing my inner child as I heal my kids! I am also super loving all the videos on the website. Both my kids got a stuffy and they just adore their amygdala! 🙂 he is both a fierce warrior and a snuggly friend.

  3. Jodi (verified owner)

    I am beyond happy with this set! You cannot find these wonderful books anywhere for this price AND the Warrior plushie is the best. This is my favorite purchase of the year. Counselors…you need these books!

  4. Ally A

    Both books are fantastic. I am going to use with adult clients as well. As all adult material is too serious and intense. I’d love a follow up for adults on how the high of being busy is really their system in full fight flight

  5. Nicole G (verified owner)

    These 2 books and plushie are amazing I have used them in my therapy with children the really great thing is that kids feel really smart because they know how their brain works and why they feel the way they feel and the plushie is great to hug when you are anxious. I absolutely love them.

  6. Kirsty M (verified owner)

    We are absolutely in love with our book set and plushie. It has helped our 2 sons so much, especially since coming out of months of lockdown. These will be treasured forever and will give our children tools to help cope, for the rest of their lives. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough.

  7. Rebecca Lyn G, ATR-BC, LPC, CEDS (verified owner)

    I bought this book set after “Hey Warrior” was suggested as a tool to us with children during my EMDR training, and it has been an amazing asset to my bibliotherapy collection. I have used it in the past month with multiple clients and have parents preparing to purchase their own copies. As an art therapist, I can easily take the book and create directives for clients after using the book in session. I highly suggest that you purchase the book,

    As an aside I am so glad I bought it through the site as the packaging was adorable!

  8. Julie H (verified owner)

    I bought these amazing books and warrior toy for my friends child and for my own child. My daughter loves the warrior toy and sleeps with it every night she even said she was having a bad dream and her warrior helped her change her dream.
    My friends child has been having bad anxiety from everything that is happening in this world at the moment, anxiety about going back to school as well. My friend said her child sleeps with his warrior every night and the books have helped her child so much. I read the books before I read them to my daughter and I have to say they are written very well. It explains everything that they need to understand about anxiety. So thank you so much!

  9. Casey (verified owner)

    Wonderful set. The plushie is soft and intrigues the children I see as a psychotherapist. The hands and feet are adorable. My clients love to learn about their brains and bodies. I often simplify the wording in the books, keeping the message the same, as well as adapting it to the general population and not just those with anxiety. I use these tools in conjunction with the Triune Brain model for many of my clients. Thank you for this wonderful resource.

  10. Anji M. (verified owner)

    Excellent books, great quality, well written and makes my daughter understand more clearly what she’s experiencing in her body and how to breath through it.

  11. Justine (verified owner)

    Love the set! My 7 year old daughter (who is Autistic and experiences anxiety)loves the books and her plush Warrior. The books are beautifully written and help us understand anxiety. Highly recommend it.

  12. Karmen (verified owner)

    I am an elementary school guidance counselor. Last school year, the number of students I saw for anxiety following the shut down of schools for the pandemic, were astronomical! Finding this book has been a game changer! I am able to read it with students. I have had students take it home and read it with their parents! It is beautifully written, easy to understand, and the strength based view point has been empowering for all of my students! I wish I could afford to buy a “Hey Warrior” Key chain for all of my students! I have looked long and hard for a resource that is this valuable on the topic of anxiety, and this is exceeds all of my expectations! We all need this book in our libraries and it needs to be shared often!

  13. Danielle

    As a therapist, I’m a bit of a dork for psychology books that support children in understanding their emotions, brain, and the self. When I heard of this book (which came highly recommended by several therapist colleagues), I was incredibly excited as both a mom and clinician. I expected it to be good, but not nearly as good as it actually is. The beautiful way these books help us frame our brain in a strength-based and adaptive way is PHENOMENAL. I highly recommend for parents, clinicians, and humans. I plan to even utilize this book with adult clients (yes, it’s really that good!).

  14. Stephanie (verified owner)

    As a Registered Play Therapist (RPT), I use this with children of all ages. It has made a huge impact in helping them understand how to “be the boss” of their own amygdala and manage their anxiety more effectively. I have recommended it to every parent and fellow colleagues. Thank you for this resource.

  15. Mary P (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these books. We are recommending that local Elementary Principals read them to students at the start of the school year – followed up by school social workers and counselors where needed. 🙂 THANK YOU for these priceless resources. I also read them to my adults in therapy. What a great way to help parents and grandparents learn about what is happening to their children.

  16. Leanna (verified owner)

    Great set! Thank you so much, my 6 year old daughter loves the books and especially loves her cuddly amygdala!

  17. Julie-Anne N (verified owner)

    I use this book in my therapy sessions with children all the time!! Working with young children it is sometimes hard to use words to describe what is going on in their brain when they have anxiety so Hey Warrior is perfect to show them!! An excellent resource for my practice. I would definitely recommend this resource set for any parent or therapist who may be looking for help when working with children and anxiety.

  18. Susana H. A and Zoe S. A (verified owner)

    Thank You so much. This book helped a-lot with my 9 year old daughter understanding what was happening to her. She barely has anxiety anymore! And the plush is so cute and soft. I saw her sleep so well.Once again thank you so much.

  19. Georgie (verified owner)

    Beautifully illustrated books and gorgeous plushy. Such a great resource which I’m using in my work with children, but also have read with my children who have appreciated the metaphor.

  20. BJ G

    The books explain anxiety very well. I love the plushie, too. I use them in my work with kids.

  21. Geraldine S (verified owner)

    I bought these books for my grandchildren and my work. It explains anxiety really well for children and adults. Looking forward to reading them to my grandchildren.

  22. Mike C (verified owner)

    I read these books to my class and love them both. I, actually, tear up at the end of them as they touch me quite personally too. The kids have taken the plush toy as our class mascot too. Whenever one is feeling a little low they hold onto it for the rest of the day. It has brought a lot of empathy into the class. Thank you for producing these. They will make a difference.

  23. Jodie

    Beautifully written and illustrated perfect for children. My son loves the books and plushie. Highly recommend.

  24. Randall (verified owner)

    Forgot to add my star rating to the review I just sent!

  25. Randall (verified owner)

    I could not be more pleased with this purchase. My clients love the book and the plushie. While we have covered these point about anxiety in our sessions, it helps to hear it from multiple sources. The books with their beautiful illustrations really help to bring home the point for my clients and their parents. Thank you for this valuable resource!

  26. Laura J (verified owner)

    So thankful to have found this set! A counselor mentioned using this on a webinar and I immediately purchased it. My 9 and 6-year-old boys love that they have a WARRIOR in their brain. This is transforming their view of themselves from “broken” or “different” into “Awesome” and “Warrior Brains!”

  27. Steph (verified owner)

    We just got the set and we love it! My son has sensory processing disorder and all the anxiety that goes along with it. The books explain anxiety so well and it says how to calm yourself when you feel that way. It lets you know that you aren’t different and weird, but awesome because your body is doing just what it was made to do! Having the stuffed warrior is awesome too because we can take it anywhere and it is a reminder of the breathing and mindfulness to make the anxiety better.

  28. Rachelle H (verified owner)

    Love the wee toy – my class have renamed him Bob! They get to cuddle him when they feel down, anxious or sad – three of the girls have made him a box house! The book is quite tricky for 7 year olds so have had to adapt the language into my own words to explain things – but overall very impressed.

  29. Randi Goldfarb, Zak&Nat (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful set. We totally fell in love with the “amygdala” stuffed animal, makes it feel like a friend you can work with! Both books explain anxiety in a matter of fact way with process the focus, teaching thoughtfully..
    Great resource for parents and early educators too !

  30. Shawna T (verified owner)

    My counsellor leant me her copies, and I immediately bought my own. I got the plush too! These are for me (I’m 38) as they completely speak to my journey. I leant my copies to my mom and sister and now they are both going to get their own sets (with the plush).