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If kids with anxiety could see themselves the way we see them, they would feel so much bigger than their anxiety. They would feel so much bigger than everything. ‘Hey Awesome’ explains how the same brain that can make them feel anxious sometimes, also comes with amazing strengths. It also includes powerful tips for children on how they can manage their anxiety. First we let them know how awesome they are, then we give them what they need to feel it for themselves.

‘Hey Awesome’ can be shipped worldwide.

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From: USD $14.27


5 reviews for Hey Awesome

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    Anna (verified owner)

    I just bought this for my 10 year old daughter. I bought Hey Warrior and the plush doll about 2 years ago, and it has been really helpful for her. We are on online school and she was having some self-confidence issues with some parts of the distance learning. I ordered Hey Awesome and it has been wonderful for her. It explains what is happening in her brain in a way that she easily understands. And even though this is a picture book, and she usually reads non-illustrated chapter books these days, it was still interesting for her and the right level for her to understand and make sense of her emotions and anxiety symptoms. I am so grateful for these books!

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    Simone P (verified owner)

    I bought both these amazing books. I have wanted them for quite some time.
    After receiving them, I had a chance meeting with a foster Mum, who was in the process of adopting her 9year old foster son. She mentioned how he had endured so many struggles in his short life.. I was so moved by his story, that I gifted them to her to give to him,..
    Imagine my absolute delight when she mapessaged me to say he loved them & had placed the little note I wrote him under his pillow that night…my heart sang.
    Thankyou for creating such AWESOME books.

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    Jennifer R

    Thank you for these amazing resources. What a gift to any family learning about what anxiety is and what amazing qualities people with anxiety have and the incredible things they can do!

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    Valerie A (verified owner)

    Hi there, I love these books. My youngest two children are 17 and 20 and they both have anxiety. They couldn’t believe how it so accurately describes the feelings they would get. So thank you.

    I took it to school for my Year 4 class and they loved it as well. I introduced it to our staff and the mindfulness teacher promptly ordered one for every class in the school. It has been a super addition for working with our kids. So thank you again.

    A little while back I purchased the Hey Awesome book in hardcover but I can only find it in softback. How do I find the hardcover version please. Also do you do a pack that includes both books in hardcover along with the plushie? I would like to buy them for my grandchildren.

    Thank you very much

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    Lyndsay B (verified owner)

    I just received “Hey Awesome” in the mail. I am a fellow Psychologist and love this book! More importantly, I am a mother to a highly anxious 9 year old boy. It’s as though this book was written for him! It is absolutely brilliant.

    As a Psychologist we have accessed so many wonderful resources to support our sons health, however i truly believe this book is one of our best resources.

    Thank you Karen Young for writing such a great book for children who experience anxiety. I love your “awesome” strengths based perspective!!!

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