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Ths article is from years ago. But I really hope you can offer an answer.
My 12 y/o boy presents many of the sintomps of Aspergers. We live in Africa and there is nowhere we can go for a diagnose. even in France (our home counrty thete still very little knowledge about this)
He’s doing well at school and is briliant in so many aspects : write books, makes films, plays drums, reads a book in a weekend (when most people will do it in weeks)… But he has several social problems, do not like to be hug or kiss, is very clumsy, etc, etc
My question is, do you think we should mention this possible answer to many of his problems to him? when, how should we talk to him about this?

Will apreciate any advice,

Kind regards,



I have left a toxic relationship for about the 5th time in two years. My issue is that even I logically know what he is saying is not true and that I am being manipulated, I still constantly question myself and think maybe he is right, it is me and he just loves me. How do you overcome doubting yourself?


Very good information, I thought I was an expert on hypnotherapy, but I got some further tips in this article. Thanks.!!


This helped me know that I can control on what I am doing and not let anxiety get to me.I am 13 and I am stressed so much about school and other stuff. My school is getting shut down for months bc of corona virus so I think it would give me a chance to control it.You made me understand anxiety now ty!

rachel f

My husband and I are planning to get a legal separation. I agree with you that the success of the relationship isn’t determined by how long it’ll last, it’s meant for us to end this now. This has been hard for me, and I never knew that this could cause too much pain. I’m currently looking for a lawyer right now that specializes in legal separation cases.


I can relate to this so strongly šŸ™ My boyfriend has the key characteristics of all of these things , I feel torn between what I should do, in my head and deep down I think I know he is emotionally abusive but because he was so different at the start and on his good days I choose to persevere and tolerate them, I cant do anything right, there is always a criticism or I need to change my tone or my attitude (all when I’m just being my friendly, happy self) He makes me feel stupid on a daily basis and very often makes me question my sanity or makes me feel like I’m just playing the victim, or if I do truly ever pluck up the courage to talk to him about how I’m feeling, he either makes it clear he is deliberately not listening by pulling out his phone and scrolling through facebook, or will always outwardly turn my concerns back on to myself and make me feel like I’m going crazy and it’s in my head, the biggest headfuck of all is if I’m raising a point he will make me backtrack and repeat snippets over and over then will try and get me to stumble upon my own words and then tell me I dont make sense or I’m contradicting myself, I’d like to think I’m fairly articulate and have always been sharp in catching on to peoples behaviour, however I truly feel like he knows exactly what he is doing and is a master manipulator when it suits, I wake up some mornings or near when it’s time to finish work and I’ll feel anxious as to what mood he is going to be in when I get home, the cold shoulder, moody evenings hurt the most… even more so than the belittling comments some evenings, I’ll ask if everything is okay he will always say yes, but not talk, not even look at me, then all of a sudden he will get in to bed later that night as though none of that ever happened. I know deep down this is going nowhere and fast, yet at the same time I’m just not able to walk away


I have a so called “friend.”
She has almost all of the 12 toxic people signs.
I don’t know what to do or how to break away from her. I’m in year 8 (7th grade) and i don’t to like have trouble with people.
But she just causes me so much pain. Shes made me cry in the changing rooms by myself and I just don’t even know what to do anymore.
I don’t want to talk to talk to anyone about it, i just don’t know how to deal with it.
I know I need to break away from her, but she just manages to turn everything into my fault. I can’t handle it anymore.


Thank you, I can’t express enough how much this has helped me. I have been struggling with dealing with my 6year olds emotions for 3 years now, no one understands what we go through but this has described exactly her! I feel awful for not dealing with her better but it is so constant and overwhelming. I look forward to helping her coup and manage her anxiety.


Hi everybody! It’s my first time here and I normally don’t comment on these things. Last night I officially cut ties with my boyfriend of almost 2 1/2 years. I am well. I write because like all of you this article is very true to the relationship I was in. Iā€™m 23 about to graduate from graduate school in May 8 will hold a Masters in Architecture and Community Design. I have worked hard in life to get where I am and I don’t give up on things easily. Some may say I have a tendency to want to fix everything wrong in the world. The guy I was with manipulated and belittled me all the way up to last night. He would victimize himself and always manage to get me to apologize to him for expressing my feelings. He judged men and made me doubt in my capabilities and in myself as a strong independent woman. I’ve always been described as a strong independent driven woman. I feel like he is the duration of the relationship took that away from me and I began to think I was weak and stupid. I was wrong. My good nature and my nature of believing everyone is capable of change with the right support systems and guidance fooled me. I am not mad at myself I am not disappointed. I look at this and am glad I went through such experience as hurtful and agonizing it was because I learned valuable things. I am.that much stronger and I am free from the toxic hold of a man incapable of seeing his own wrongdoings. A man incapable of empathy, compassion, and understanding. To everyone in this situation let no man make you feel burden for their hardships for their ways. Stay true to yourself. Love yourself first. Be selfish. More importantly, let no man or person rip you of your morals and values.


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