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About Hey Sigmund.

Because sometimes the only diagnosis is ‘human’.

Every day there are stunning new insights into the human mind and the way we work, love, play, behave, relate, think and feel. We are learning more and more about what it means to be human, and how to master the art. Now more than ever, anybody who is any version of human has something to gain from the science of psychology.

This website contains the latest research and news in psychology. It attempts to bring psychology into the mainstream, unfolding the brilliance that happens within the scientific realm. We will explain what it all means and why it matters.

Some parts will be immediately relevant to your life, some parts less so but psychology is such a fascinating relevant science that at the very least you will have some excellent fodder for dinner table conversations.

The best of us is already in us, sometimes found, sometimes waiting to be. This website provides the tools to uncover what is waiting patiently beneath our skin to be discovered, or to make a life that is already beautiful, even more so.

I hope you enjoy the readings and find courageous, daring and simple ways to incorporate them into your life.

About the Author – Karen Young.

Karen has worked as a psychologist in private practice and in educational and organisational settings. She has lectured and has extensive experience in the facilitation of personal growth groups. Her Honours degree in Psychology and Masters in Gestalt Therapy have come in handy at times. 

Karen founded the popular website, Hey Sigmund, after realising the power of solid information. The website attracts millions of readers each year worldwide. Her articles have been translated into a number of languages and her work has been published on various international sites including The Good Men Project, The Huffington Post, The Mighty, and Yahoo Health.

Karen is a regular contributor to Parenting Magazine in New Zealand. She can often be heard on Australian radio, and is and a sought-after speaker. Recently, she published ‘Hey Warrior’, a book for kids to help them understand anxiety and find their ‘brave’. The book has now been translated into a number of languages.

Karen has two children and two stepchildren and lives in Australia. Experience has taught her that people can do amazing things with the right information, psychology has something for everyone, jargon doesn’t, everyone has a story to tell, short bios are the longest to write, nobody has it all figured out and the best people to be around are the ones who already know this.

About You.

One of the best things about being human is that pretty amazing things can happen when we share ‘stuff’.

This is a big part of what Hey Sigmund is about. We are always very grateful to anyone who wants to share thoughts, feedback or stories through comments or emails – in fact, we love it. 

If you have a story to tell head over to our And Talking About It page for guidelines on how to make this happen.

Work With Me.

Karen is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker and is able to engage with a wide audience on a diverse range of topics. Here are some popular topics, or perhaps you have some ideas you would like to discuss. To talk more about your needs and enquire about availability, please email Karen at karen@heysigmund.com

Topics include:

For Parents:

  • Kids and Anxiety – How to Help Kids Find Their ‘Brave’. (This talk can also be adapted to be given directly to children.)
    Anxiety is a very normal part of being human. Who hasn’t felt anxious sometimes! This presentation looks at discuss where anxiety comes from, what kids need to know to thrive through anxiety and ‘be the boss of their brains’, and how parents can empower kids to find the courage that is in them. 
  • How to build courage and resilience in children. (This talk can also be adapted to be given directly to children.)
    Courage and resilience are vital qualities that help children adapt in the face of adversity and challenge, and give them the confidence move towards life-giving opportunities. We will discuss why resilience is so important, and how to nurture these essential qualities in our children.
  • Play and the Developing Brain – A Talk for Parents/ Teachers
    Play is vital for the development of happy, healthy, socially and emotionally intelligent children. This presentation discusses the role of play in development, and ways to maximise the potential for play to build creativity, and social and emotional intelligence in children.
  • Dealing with School Anxiety
    How to find happy goodbyes and empower children to find calm at school.
  • Building Self-Control in Children
    In a landmark study, self-control has been found to be one of the greatest predictors of success. In this talk, we will discuss why it is so important, and ways to strengthen this vital skill in children.
  • Strengthening the Connection With Your Teen
    What Parents Need to Know About The Changes That Come With Adolescence, and Using This to Increase Influence and Connection.
  • They’ll Do What!?
    Understanding the changes that come with adolescence with a view to increasing your connection and influence with your teen. This talk explores adolescent brain development and its impact on family relationships, friendships, and all forms of adolescent behaviour. 
  • Anxiety in Teens.
    What parents need to know about anxiety to empower their teens to thrive through anxiety.  
  • Friendships – Nurturing the Good, Thriving Through the Bad, Dealing with the Difficult
    In this talk, we will focus on how to empower teens and/or children to have healthy, happy relationships. Specifically, we will focus on how to deal with bullying, rejection and exclusion, how to be a good friend, why kind kids are cool kids, how to deal with peer pressure, and how to set and protect healthy boundaries.
  • Nurturing Social and Emotional Intelligence in Children (This talk can be adapted and given to children, teens and teachers).
    This talk explores how to help children develop emotional and social intelligence, and how to be the ‘boss of their brains’. We will cover anxiety, self-control, anger, empathy and kindness, and why mindfulness, sleep and exercise are so important for developing brains. 

For Teens:

  • Stress, Depression and Anxiety
    The signs to watch out for and how to manage them. 
  • The Adolescent Adventure
    Your brain is changing and it’s AMAZING! What you need to know about your changing brain and how to use this information to manage behaviour, friendships addiction and family.
  • Who Doesn’t Get Anxiety!?
    How to thrive through anxiety.
  • Let’s Talk About Your Tribe 
    Bullying, friendships, healthy relationships and how to identify and steer clear of the ones that cause breakage. 

For Teachers:

  • Anxiety in the Classroom
    How teachers can bring out the best in anxious kids & teens.
  • Understanding Adolescence: A Brain Under Construction
    A talk for teachers.

What This Website Is – And Isn’t.

The articles, information and comments on the this website provide general information only and do not constitute advice in any way.

It is important to me that the information provided on this site is thoughtful, detailed, well-researched and relevant, but it is just a guide. What is best for you will depend on your personal history and circumstances. For this reason, if you require more support, information or guidance in relation to a particular issue, please speak with a medical practitioner or counsellor who will be able to take the time to understand the detail of you, your history and your circumstances, and use this to advise you on the most effective course of action.

If you are in need of more immediate support, please click here.

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Hey Warrior - A book about anxiety in children.

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Building brave is like lifting weights. The growth Building brave is like lifting weights. The growth happens in the stretch. Like any stretch, they’ll feel the strain, and sometimes it will feel so hard, and they might not see their 'brave muscles' straight away. But then, after lots of tiny steps towards brave, and in the stretch that happens when they feel anxious and do brave anyway - brave will build, and it will be magical.
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Building brave is like lifting weights. The growth happens in the stretch. Like any stretch, they’ll feel the strain, and sometimes it will feel so hard, and they might not see their 'brave muscles' straight away. But then, after lots of tiny steps towards brave, and in the stretch that happens when they feel anxious and do brave anyway - brave will build, and it will be magical.
#childanxiety #anxietyinchildren #parentingadvice #childdevelopment #anxietyawareness #mentalwellness #mindfulparenting #parenthood #parenting #anxietysupport #positiveparenting #parentingtips #anxiety #parentingtip #anxietyrelief #mentalhealth #motherhoodcommunity #heysigmund #heyawesome #heywarrior #positiveparentingtips