• Hey Warrior

    A book for kids about anxiety. Kids can do amazing things with the right information. Understanding

    EUR €13.32 +
  • Hey Awesome

    If kids with anxiety could see themselves the way we see them, they would feel so much bigger than

    EUR €13.32 +
  • Dear You, Love From Your Brain

    Dear You, Love From Your Brain

    Like all beautiful, strong, important things, brains take time to build. Along the way,

    EUR €13.32 +
  • But We’re Not Lions!

    The animals were mighty and magnificent, but they were miserable! For way too long, they'd been

    EUR €13.32 +
  • Ultimate Resource Set

    (Save 20%) This set includes the large 40cm amygdala warrior plushie (the cuddliest bodyguard) and

    EUR €33.35 +
  • The Hey Warrior Keyring

    The Hey Warrior amygdala keyring measures 12cm high, and is just what you need for 'brave' on the

    EUR €5.31 +
  • The Brave Bundle

    (Save 20%) This set includes the small Hey Warrior amygdala plushie, with the paperback versions of

    EUR €40.02 +
  • Small Hey Warrior

    Measuring 22cm high, the small amygdala plushie is the perfect travel sized warrior for sleepovers,

    EUR €10.65 +
  • Large Hey Warrior

    The plushie amygdala is your very own warrior, there to protect you. Measuring 40cm tall, it has

    EUR €15.32 +
  • Large Heart-to-Heart Amygdala Plushie

    The heart-to-heart amygdala plushie measures 40cm tall, and will be there to listen to your worries

    EUR €15.32 +
  • Hey Warrior Paperback Set

    Paperback With Small Plushie Amygdala – (Save 20%) Another hardworking team. This set includes

    EUR €19.16 +
  • Hey Warrior Hardback Set

    Something to read AND something to cuddle is one of the great duos of our time. This gorgeous

    EUR €23.97 +