But We’re Not Lions!

The animals were mighty and magnificent, but they were miserable! For way too long, they’d been forced to become something that didn’t feel right – something that felt too much like bad days and scratchy things. The animals needed a hero, or someone to show them that a hero was in each of them all along.

A book about boundaries, peer pressure and self-acceptance – and a reminder for all kids that the very best thing about them, is them.

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From: USD $14.16

From: USD $14.16

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2 reviews for But We’re Not Lions!

  1. Carmen D (verified owner)

    Hi I was delighted to received books wrapped in lovely paper with a sticker sealing it. A lovely touch. Beautiful messages in this and another book I purchased. I would have like the pictures to be abit more colourful though to appeal to kids a little more. Pleased with my purchase

  2. Robyn C

    Excellent child level explanation about acceptance and bullying giving the child excellent skills to deal with it on a day to day basis! Love the soft toy amygdala to cuddle too! It is a concrete object the child can hang on to so they can understand the abstract concepts of their brain!

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