Hey Warrior

A book for kids about anxiety. Kids can do amazing things with the right information. Understanding why anxiety feels the way it does and where the physical symptoms come from is a powerful step in turning anxiety around. Anxiety explained, kids empowered.

For ages 5-12 (and up).

‘Hey Warrior’ can be shipped worldwide.Available in softcover and hardcover.

(54 customer reviews)

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54 reviews for Hey Warrior

  1. Kristen

    This is a beautiful book! My 6 year old son and 9 year old daughter both loved it in its ability to teach about the value of befriending our amygdala and appreciate its helpful intentions for our safety. They both had fun naming their inner warriors and by the end of the book they were engaged with the various strategies to become the boss of their own bodies and allow their warriors to relax. I’m a psychotherapist and would happily recommend this book to most of my adult clients as well!! It’s a very clear, non-pathologizing and empowering way to understand our nervous systems and develop emotion regulation. Thanks so much:)

  2. joelene grassby (verified owner)

    i bought this book for my son, who is struggling since starting in his new class at school. He is been testes for autism however I feel anxiety with the pandemic has brought many of his traits on. My son loves this book and it has helped massively! He is back to staying in his own bed and going to school with no tears. I used the sticker the book was sealed with and he wears it on his school jumper so if he feels the big emotion he can touch it to remind himself he’s ok. We are due our third child in the next few weeks and i am going to buy the soft toy for him and his sister as i’m sure they are going to feel anxious when the new arrival comes so thought it would be a nice gift for the baby to give to its siblings. I am also a primary school teacher and will use this book for many years to come to help in the classroom!

  3. Margaret A K (verified owner)

    I have a 16 year old son with high functioning autism who struggles with OCD. Hey Warrior was recommended by his therapist and I was so impressed with how the author could take such a complex subject and explain it terms that were simple and yet still relatable to older kids. The book helps takes the shame out of feeling anxious by explaining it in a positive way. Thank you!

  4. Andrea L (verified owner)

    Helpful tool in assisting my 8 year old with his very active mind and feelings. Sometimes we take in “too much” and wish we had different filters. This book simplifies the very human experience of anxiety for children, and most importantly validates this super strength that at times feels paradoxically something to be at odds with. Thank you for the wonderful addition to the toolbelt!

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