Ultimate Resource Set

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This set includes the paperback versions of Hey Warrior and Hey Awesome,
accompanied by everyone’s favourite, cuddliest bodyguard, the large 40cm amygdala warrior plushie. This powerful set is a must-have resource for anyone caring for or working with young ones.
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37 reviews for Ultimate Resource Set

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    Randall (verified owner)

    Forgot to add my star rating to the review I just sent!

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    Randall (verified owner)

    I could not be more pleased with this purchase. My clients love the book and the plushie. While we have covered these point about anxiety in our sessions, it helps to hear it from multiple sources. The books with their beautiful illustrations really help to bring home the point for my clients and their parents. Thank you for this valuable resource!

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    Laura J (verified owner)

    So thankful to have found this set! A counselor mentioned using this on a webinar and I immediately purchased it. My 9 and 6-year-old boys love that they have a WARRIOR in their brain. This is transforming their view of themselves from “broken” or “different” into “Awesome” and “Warrior Brains!”

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    Steph (verified owner)

    We just got the set and we love it! My son has sensory processing disorder and all the anxiety that goes along with it. The books explain anxiety so well and it says how to calm yourself when you feel that way. It lets you know that you aren’t different and weird, but awesome because your body is doing just what it was made to do! Having the stuffed warrior is awesome too because we can take it anywhere and it is a reminder of the breathing and mindfulness to make the anxiety better.

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    Rachelle H (verified owner)

    Love the wee toy – my class have renamed him Bob! They get to cuddle him when they feel down, anxious or sad – three of the girls have made him a box house! The book is quite tricky for 7 year olds so have had to adapt the language into my own words to explain things – but overall very impressed.

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    Randi Goldfarb, Zak&Nat (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful set. We totally fell in love with the “amygdala” stuffed animal, makes it feel like a friend you can work with! Both books explain anxiety in a matter of fact way with process the focus, teaching thoughtfully..
    Great resource for parents and early educators too !

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    Shawna T (verified owner)

    My counsellor leant me her copies, and I immediately bought my own. I got the plush too! These are for me (I’m 38) as they completely speak to my journey. I leant my copies to my mom and sister and now they are both going to get their own sets (with the plush).

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    Krista (verified owner)

    This set of books informs children about anxiety in such a kind and funny way that it normalizes it, and takes away any shame about having anxiety. The illustrations are whimsical and wonderful and the stuffy is just adorable. It is evident that every detail of this set is thoughtfully crafted with care.

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    Lupe Schneider (verified owner)

    I love this for the child clients I see. Looking forward to using it.

    Going to enjoy for myself in the mean time.

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    Victoria S (verified owner)

    I have bought lots of books about anxiety for my daughter and these ones were the only ones that made a difference. It explained it in a way she could understand and kindly also. The soft toy is now a bedtime companion too.

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    Sara (verified owner)

    Both my daughter and I both love these books. They recognize the elephant in the room – anxiety – and explain it in such a way that it becomes empowering. Reading through these books has brought my daughter a lot of comfort, and I look forward to picking them up again!

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    Anita (verified owner)

    This set is fantastic and has changed my ten year old son’s life already, which sounds a bit like a motivational insta post but I’m being completely serious. Bedtimes are no longer two hours of tossing and turning. It explains anxiety in a way that is so easy to understand, and I can see all the theory underlying the two books put together in such a wonderful way. He now really understands what he is experiencing and has the language to express those experiences. I honestly couldn’t recommend it highly enough, I think it would help any age group.

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