The Best Ever Resource Set (Save 15%)

(Save 15%)
This set includes
the large 40cm amygdala warrior plushie (the cuddliest bodyguard), and the paperback versions of all five books: ‘Hey Warrior’, ‘Hey Awesome’, ‘Dear You Love From Your Brain’, ‘But We’re Not Lions’, and ‘Ups and Downs’. This powerful set is a must-have resource for anyone who loves, cares for, or works with young ones.
(77 customer reviews)

From: USD $70.68

From: USD $70.68

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77 reviews for The Best Ever Resource Set (Save 15%)

  1. Krista (verified owner)

    This set of books informs children about anxiety in such a kind and funny way that it normalizes it, and takes away any shame about having anxiety. The illustrations are whimsical and wonderful and the stuffy is just adorable. It is evident that every detail of this set is thoughtfully crafted with care.

  2. Lupe Schneider (verified owner)

    I love this for the child clients I see. Looking forward to using it.

    Going to enjoy for myself in the mean time.

  3. Victoria S (verified owner)

    I have bought lots of books about anxiety for my daughter and these ones were the only ones that made a difference. It explained it in a way she could understand and kindly also. The soft toy is now a bedtime companion too.

  4. Sara (verified owner)

    Both my daughter and I both love these books. They recognize the elephant in the room – anxiety – and explain it in such a way that it becomes empowering. Reading through these books has brought my daughter a lot of comfort, and I look forward to picking them up again!

  5. Anita (verified owner)

    This set is fantastic and has changed my ten year old son’s life already, which sounds a bit like a motivational insta post but I’m being completely serious. Bedtimes are no longer two hours of tossing and turning. It explains anxiety in a way that is so easy to understand, and I can see all the theory underlying the two books put together in such a wonderful way. He now really understands what he is experiencing and has the language to express those experiences. I honestly couldn’t recommend it highly enough, I think it would help any age group.

  6. Kelsey (verified owner)

    This set came into life at the perfect time and I don’t know what we would’ve done without it! It blows my mind that this isn’t available in schools and libraries across Australia.

  7. Sharon (verified owner)

    LOVE this set! As a mom and teacher of young children, I love the incredible way these books helps children understand their feelings/emotions and how their brains work. What an amazing resource to share with children (and grown-ups)…to have anxiety and better understand your own experiences/feelings OR to develop a greater understanding of what people with anxiety are feeling/experiencing is just incredible. These books give the gift of compassion and empowerment.

  8. T Lewis (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with this set! My daughter adores these books and her stuffy. As a mom and a teacher, this set will continue to be well used! This resource has helped my daughter understand what she is feeling and I notice her using the strategies on her own since reading these stories! Highly recommend!

  9. C Paula K (verified owner)

    As a PhD psychologist I can attest that the set, the books and the amygdala stuffed animal are the best tools on the market for anxiety. I received mine yesterday and I am already recommending the set to clients. Absolutely fabulous. Thank you Karen for your knowledge and creativity.

  10. Katherine A

    Ordered this set for Great Granddaughter that was having anxiety issues. At first, she was not interested, but after reading the first book, she talked with her grandmother about some of the stories and how she could relate. Then she talked with her younger brother about them. I may try well be ordering another set in the next few days.

  11. Robyn A (verified owner)

    The set is wonderful! The books are so well written with explanations that my 6 year old understood and my 17 year old was very impressed with! I’m so grateful that these books were written to explain our brain functions and how we can work with them to empower ourselves instead of think something is wrong with us. It really does give these kids and adults their power back. The illustrations are just as wonderful with beautiful colors and attention to detail. Two of my children named the plush Warrior different names which shows me how impactful the books were to them. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of the brain for children so they can understand and feel like a superhero.

  12. Raewyn H (verified owner)

    Thankyou Karen and your Hey Sigmund Team : ) My whole experience of buying sets x2 was terrific. ‘Two’ because one was for my sons partner recently graduated as a Primary School Teacher …..Tash sat at the bench and read aloud to us, explaining how she would pause and ask questions of her class : ) It was lovely to see her fun in engaging with it….The illustrations are gorgeous ! The 2nd set is for my office – working in the Counselling Team at a local High School – students love to pick up things from my table as we talk…’Miggy’ will be there to choose : ) I read the ‘Hey Warrior’ book I received at your Workshop before Christmas, individually with 3-4 students – one taking it home for the night….Each appreciated and enjoyed it and were grateful for the descriptions of their experiences in it…Thankyou for these wonderful Resources and I been loved the packaging – both Plushys’, and the box with it’s warm connecting comments – I’d say 10 out of 5 stars : )

  13. Natasha W (verified owner)

    Brilliant publications and accompanying plush figures with keyrings. I use these in counselling with Children/Young People and having a transitional object for young clients to take away with them and have makes the messages within both of these books much more powerful.

  14. Kati Mc (verified owner)

    Thank you for such a well written resource to use not only with children struggling with anxiety, but all children. The illustrations and plushie are also delightful. As a Mama and an educator, I highly recommend this set to all parents and educators.

  15. Heather L. (verified owner)

    Excellent resource- the book explains the biological process of anxiety very well and how you can regain control. Perfect resources for an anxiety based small group and classroom lesson when explaining the brain and emotions.

  16. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Gorgeous illustrations with such valuable content!! Will read often, and already recommended to friends. Thank you so much!

  17. Maree C

    Fantastic books for supporting students with anxiety in the classroom. Website has fabulous ideas too. Thank you

  18. Kellie (verified owner)

    A beautiful and extremely useful book that helps explain anxiety. The customer service was amazing and appreciated. Thank you again.

  19. Julie H (verified owner)

    My 8 year old daughter connected with her plush ‘Amy’ straight away, and was keen to take it and the books in to share with her school counsellor. She enjoyed reading it to her apparently and her counsellor took the details of the isbn etc as she loved it too. Sometimes I hear her talking to herself more kindly now and trying to calm ‘Amy’ down. I see her cuddling Amy to go to sleep and still holding it in the morning. I will re-read it every month with her and we’ll discuss her progress and remind her of her bravery inside whenever she needs it!

  20. Jane

    This is not the first time I have purchased this amazing set. Working in the field of mental health across various settings I have used this as part of my Therapy plans. In my current management role I have introduced the team to Aimee Amygdala and the books. It has helped make tangible the effects of working in health care during a global pandemic and provided positive coping strategies.

  21. Sarah (verified owner)

    Having the stuffy is such a great way to reinforce and add some tangibility to the message in the story. My 8 year old son connected with the stuffy right away and, since he is so keen on it, it allows plenty of opportunity to talk about what his amygdala does. Thank you!

  22. Jay (verified owner)

    Lovely pack. Gave my son a deeper understanding of anxiety and takes his “warrior” with him everywhere. Thank you!

  23. Jessica P

    Love love love this book set! I am a peadiatric OT and therefore use this book all the time. My kids love the breathing exercise in particular as they can use this technique at any time so simply.

  24. Heather

    My 10 year old loves this set. It does such a good job explaining how the brain works with anxiety.

  25. Lyne (verified owner)

    My daughter has been suffering with a diagnosed anxiety disorder for a while now. Her pediatrician told me about this book set.

    It’s such a wonderful book. Empowering even. The plush is the cutest thing, and my daughter loves it.
    She loves to read the book to remember all is ok.

    Great purchase. Would highly recommend if you have a child with anxiety.

  26. Liz (verified owner)

    A fantastic resource I bought for my daughter. She loves her warrior toy and the language used in the books is so easy to understand, perfect child speak. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource, I hope you bring other items to the market as well.

  27. Erin (verified owner)

    Watching my daughter open to a random page to inspect the book and automatically relate to the words on the page was priceless. she looked at me with a surprised smile and said “that’s just what happens to me! that’s just how I feel”. what a brilliant resource for kids!

  28. Lisa (verified owner)

    A beautiful set of books and gorgeous toy to match. I’ll be using them both at home and in my work with kids. Fantastic, uplifting books about anxiety which enable fun conversations about fear – amazing!

  29. Mum of warrior boys (verified owner)

    Just Wow! My boys loved their new friend and also the accurate descriptions of these beautiful books.
    I’m so glad I discovered this!
    Thanks a million!

  30. Suzanne B

    My grandson is very anxious. I love that there is a beautiful story about a child experiencing the same feelings. I am a teacher and am purchasing another set for my class. Thank you for celebrating diversity in the classroom.