Ups and Downs

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An important, engaging, practical book for young people (and their important adults).

All feelings are important – the magical, the messy, and the in-between. Sometimes though, big feelings can have us behaving in ways that aren’t so, let’s say … shiny. This happens to all of us. The more young people understand how and why, the more they can build the capacity to feel their feelings and manage them in positive ways.

‘Ups and Downs’ draws on Polyvagal Theory, a widely accepted neuroscientific theory, to support young people to understand why they feel and do as they do, and how to do differently when they need to. Driving brains and bodies isn’t easy! It takes time, experience, and the right information – so let’s give them that.

Who is ‘Ups and Downs’ for?

  • Kids 5-12.
  • Teens 13 and up.
  • Parents.
  • Teachers.
  • Counsellors, psychologists, therapists.
  • Any adult with a young person in their life.
  • Anyone who loves picture books.
  • Anyone who thinks they’re too old for picture books.
  • Anyone who gets anxious, angry, sad, happy and who wants to understand (and better manage) feelings and behaviour.
  • Anyone with a head.
  • Everyone else.

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From: USD $13.81

From: USD $13.81

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2 reviews for Ups and Downs

  1. Marisa (verified owner)

    A magical book that helps kids learn about and process their BIG feelings. Perfect for any SEL library. Beautifully written. Gorgeous illustrations. An important tool for kids social emotional tool kits.

  2. Geraldine L

    Looks great!

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