Dear You, Love From Your Brain

Like all beautiful, strong, important things, brains take time to build. Along the way, children have an enormous capacity to influence the brainbuilding process in profound and enduring ways. First though, they need information that will help them perform their magic.

This book will help children discover more about the brain – how it works, what it needs, and how to love it big so it can love it back bigger.

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From: USD $13.46

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38 reviews for Dear You, Love From Your Brain

  1. Geraldine S (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic resource for my work in parenting and adds to my collection of ‘Hey Warrior’ and ‘Hey Awesome’. It is easy to read to children and the illustrations are fantastic. I will be sharing this one with my Grandchildren as well!

  2. Megan F (verified owner)

    My 11 yo son and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this together. It clarified my understanding and reinforced what he’s been learning at school about resilience and persistence. It was fabulously positive about how we can change and grow our brains. Thank you.

  3. Peter (verified owner)

    Beautiful art and explanations of the mind.

  4. Rachel W (verified owner)

    I use with my clients and my own children to talk about how wonderful our body and brain is. It is a beautifully illustrated book. Sometimes slowing down the pace and only focusing on one page at a time with my younger kids has helped them retain all the lovely information and keep their interest. They are becoming curious about themselves and I think it is equipping them to soothe their bigger feelings as they have more understanding.
    My adult family members love the book too!! I personally love being given the delightfully compassionate language to use with my own self talk and with my clients and children. The language Karen uses in this book (and her other books too) helps me and my clients to embrace their whole selves and it encourages a resilient mindset. Just love this book (and ALL of Karen’s books!).

  5. Richard W (verified owner)

    “Brain” is delightful. The text is quite entertaining, highly informative, and written at a level that kids can understand. The illustrations beautifully support the narrative.

  6. Katie (verified owner)

    My 6 year old really enjoys this book. The pictures are vibrant and with so much description. My 6yo is learning new ways to frame the language of how her brain works.

  7. Gita P (verified owner)

    This book is wonderful in many ways. The graphics make it appealing to children, the explanations are clear and there an endless amount of teaching opportunities.

  8. Kirsti

    Wonderfully accessible, hopeful and helpful book. I’m buying multiple copies!

  9. Elissa H (verified owner)

    I purchased this book to support my Humane Ed curriculum – humane treatment of others begins with an understanding and humane treatment of the self- your heart, your soul- your brain!
    I know that my students can tell how much this book resonates with ME when I read it aloud.
    It’s a self- accepting and loving experience to share – beautiful …

  10. Jo (verified owner)

    A really comples topic covered in a fun and clear way. Really helps kids to understand what’s happening in their brains and bodies.

  11. Nadine (verified owner)

    I have only recently discovered your books and I am so glad I did.
    It is fantastic to finally find a set of books about resilience and courage designed for an older child. Both my children adore their amygdala plush cuddlies and your books delve into real life issues and feelings that they can relate to and convey to others. I am so impressed and will be keeping a close eye out for the next installation. Thank you

  12. Lupe S (verified owner)

    Wow!! Love your books. Everything I have order has been beautifully and carefully wrapped. The books and their messages are amazing. I work with young people and they help them understand concepts we are learning in therapy so much better. Thank you.

  13. Brenda (verified owner)

    This book is beautiful and fun!! I am so impressed with it!! Need to make a curriculum with it!!

  14. Tatiana G (verified owner)

    Yet another amazing, sweet, compassionate, and helpful book. Love it!

  15. Thanna V (verified owner)

    Another amazing gift from Karen Young and Norvile Dovidonyte. This book explains brain science in an engaging and user (kid) friendly way. Perfect for children and their care givers too! How wonderful to be given this information at such a young age. To gain the understanding that we each train our brain is empowering. I am a mother and peaceful parent coach. I read this with my nearly 10 year old and recommend it to parents and schools too.

  16. Tisha (verified owner)

    A great book to teach littles about the brain in several different facets like growth mindset & emotional regulation. Such a great purchase!

  17. Michelle K (verified owner)

    If you’ve got a brain … this book’s for you! Karen Young’s new book is an amazing mix of facts, strategies and beautiful illustrations. The information about how people’s brains react, learn and grow — is engaging, positive and easy to understand, for all ages. Facts are shared with a sense of humour and warm feelings of acceptance. This can be an empowering message for children who may feel overwhelmed and shame, when they struggle to manage big emotions.

  18. Kelsi S (verified owner)

    This book creates an easy conversation on the brain and can be used in multiple different ways. It combines all the information I like to teach into one resource. I’ve recommended it to all the other child/teen therapists that I work with. It’s a little wordy for the young ones, but it’s very easy to summarize and the pictures are captivating! Adults enjoy it just as much. Thank you!

  19. Rachel (verified owner)

    This is a great book to teach young ones about their brain! I love it!

  20. Susan B

    I love it too. Bought a copy for my 7 year old granddaughter and she loved it. At the same time I asked our school library to purchase one as I want to use it with the children at the primary school where I work. That one has just arrived and will be put into use next week. Susan B (school psychologist)

  21. Dyana K (verified owner)

    Another terrific book! I am in awe of how deftly you have made neuroscience accessible to kiddos! (And to their less-than-scientific parents!) My 9yo who carries a lot anxiety has learned so much about her brain and how to help her brain chill out! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel so lucky to be able to share this level of knowledge with my kids.

  22. Wilma (verified owner)

    Hi Karen and Norvile I looove your new book. I like the positive and child-centred approach, the fact it talks about the amygdala and anxiety, but not trauma, which makes it easier to read with children and families who might have experienced trauma. My colleague and I are going to read it to parents in an upcoming parenting group.

  23. Fiona L (verified owner)

    You can feel the love from the time you receive the package! Beautifully boxed and wrapped with positive messages, made the experience of this book warm and wonderful from the beginning. It is literally as it says “Dear you, love from your brain.” Like a beautiful letter from a friend, the book is honest and real. It lovingly and gently encourages all, adults and children alike, to listen to and understand our brain and work with it as partners.

  24. U Matter (verified owner)

    Absolutely an amazing book. It’s written in such an easy way that helps explain the brain. Kids have enjoyed reading it and at times have laughed by the way it’s written.

  25. Amy (verified owner)

    This book explains such important complex topics in the simplest clearest way. I loved it, my children loved it. I found myself slowing down when I read it just so I could give every page my full attention. An indispensable book for all ages.