Where the Science of Psychology Meets the Art of Being Human

Welcome to The Sunroom

The Sunroom (For You)

The Sun Room celebrates the many different versions of human and as we do that, nothing is off limits. Anything you’ve wondered, noticed or wanted to understand – we’ll deal with it. If there isn’t the answer to your question, let me know. As part of the member’s home, I will be answering real questions, from real people. Ask me anything. Anything! We won’t give any names – none. If we needed the world to know your name, we’d at least write it on a coffee cup with something smooth and delicious inside. 

Being Human
The ups and downs
of everyday life.

A Beautiful Mind
Strengthening mind, body, spirit
from the top down.

Proven strategies for
calmer, braver living.

Strengthening against, and
healing from, depression.

With Kids
Raising children who are happy, emotionally
healthy, strong, confident, and brave.

With Teens
Understanding your adolescent, strengthening
your connection, helping them thrive.

With Others
Being with friends, family, intimate others.
Building intimacy and connection
When relationships break.

Difficult Relationships
Dealing with difficult relationships – work, family,
exes, frenemies, toxic people, relationships you can’t walk away from – but wish you could.

The Sunroom - Real Questions Answered

Real Questions Answered
Ask me anything.
Real questions from real people.


Hey Warrior - A book about anxiety in children.