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When Anxiety Hits

Anxiety can hit without warning and when it does, it can skittle the strongest of minds – but it doesn’t have to. Here is a powerful way to find calm in the midst of anxiety.



A Proven Way to Strengthen the Brain Against Anxiety

Certain neurochemicals are lower in the brains of people with anxiety. When these are brought back to the right levels, the symptoms of anxiety ease. Here’s how.



Anxiety in Kids. Clinginess: How to Make it Work for them (and for you)

Understand why clinginess happens, and how to stop it from holding your child back.



When Anxiety Affects Your Relationship

Anxiety can find its way into relationships and cause trouble where it doesn’t deserve to. Here’s how to stop it stealing the magic.



A Proven Way to Deal With Maths Anxiety

Even if children are fully prepared and ready to shine in a maths exam, anxiety can lumber in and make a beast of itself. New research has ease found a way to ease anxiety and improve performance, by changing the fear centres of the brain. 



When Someone You Love Has Anxiety

Anxiety can be confusing for everyone – the people who struggle with it and the people who love them. Here’s what you need to know if someone you love has anxiety.

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