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Let's Talk About Self-Harm. Why Feeling Bad Means Feeling Better
9th September, 2016

Why do People Self-Harm? When Feeling Bad Means Feeling Better

We all have battles that feel bigger than us sometimes and we all have characteristic ways of dealing with emotional pain, physical pain, shame, regret or guilt. There is a full bank of very normal human experiences and emotions that can threaten to break any one of us. Sometimes, they last for too long. When it feels as though there is no relief, it can drive even the strongest of us to try anything to get the pain to stop. 

New Year's Resolutions: How to Set Them Up For Keeps
29th December, 2015

New Year’s Resolutions: Proven Ways to Keep Them

There’s something about January – beginnings, endings and that persuasive new year pull to reflect, reboot and move towards a happier, healthier version of ourselves. The promise of this is exciting but transformation is messy, and the process towards change can be a maddening one.

Want to Cut Down on Belly Fat Here's What You Need to Know
19th November, 2015

The Remarkable Way to Cut Down on Belly Fat – According to Science

Let me start with this. As long as you’re healthy, luscious curves are gorgeous and something to be celebrated. Too much of a good thing though is too much of a good thing and when curves get too curvy, it can be a sign that physical health is on a downward slide. Excessive abdominal fat can be particularly worrying. According to Harvard Medical School, it is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, metabolic disturbances, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and gallbladder problems. 

Want to Make a Change? Here we go ...
12th March, 2015

Want to Make a Change? Try this …

Criticism never builds. Ever. Not even with a happy building word like ‘constructive’ before it. Criticism is criticism. It’s never constructive and it’s never helpful. It paralyses willpower and shackles the capacity to change. It makes the receiver less confident, less shiny, less able. 

The Sabotage of Self-Control - And How To Get It Back
2nd January, 2015

The Sabotage of Self-Control – And How To Get It Back

There are times when we act with extreme altruism, giving up time, energy and the beginning of ‘Law and Order’ out of concern for the greater good.

Once we have selflessly taken care of the greater good by, say, stacking the dishwasher, we may well consider ourselves deserving of a treat perhaps a glass of wine(s) or a proper dessert (and no – in these circumstances fruit is not a dessert, unless it’s in a pie, a sauce or accompanied by something dairy).

17th December, 2014

Want More Self-Control? Try This …

So it’s date night for you and your credit card, and the dark side of the internet (yes online shopping, I’m talking to you) is working really hard to tempt you into spending a load of money. You can practically hear it panting. 

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