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How to Help Children Feel Calm During a Global Crisis – (Talking to Kids & Teens About COVID-19 and other Global Trauma)


When the world faces global trauma, we need each other more than ever. It’s a time for us to be more like the people we need to be, and the people we were called to be. It’s a time for us to leave judgement and comparison and righteousness well behind, and replace them with radical kindness, compassion, and open-heartedness. So let’s do that. When humanity is hurting, don’t underestimate what the little things might mean to the ones in your life who might be missing you, or who might be feeling more separate from the world, or maybe more anxious than usual – phone calls, messages, video chats, social media tags with ‘this reminded me of you’ in the message. Let’s not take the little things for granted. They matter. As it turns out, the little things will be the big things that will get us through this. 



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