Hey Warrior Hardback Set

Something to read AND something to cuddle is one of the great duos of our time. This gorgeous pairing includes the hardback version of Hey Warrior, and a large 40cm amygdala warrior plushie.

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5 reviews for Hey Warrior Hardback Set

  1. Sam S (verified owner)

    Love! I purchased Hey Warrior set for my son who is currently struggling through some big feelings. He loves the plush toy and it has become his new best friend at bed time and chill time on the lounge. I love reading the book and think the whole concept of personifying the amygdala is so very helpful for teaching younger children.
    Wonderfully written and came so beautifully packaged. Cannot recommend enough!

  2. Peter (verified owner)

    I’m in my mid 20s and this was recommended by my occupational therapist for my anxiety. I love the art and reassuring story and explanations. I was having a panic attack yesterday. Even rereading the book is reassuring that this is anxiety, it’s okay, I’m just trying to protect myself. I’m obbessed with the plush toy. It’s comforting to hold when I’m freaking out and can talk to a personified form of my amygdala.

  3. Kimberly S (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend ‘Hey Warrior’ enough. This book has been a God send for my students this year. We keep it displayed next to our large sized ‘Warrior’ whom we have named Sigmund. I learned of the book from the social worker at the school where I teach. I borrowed hers and wouldn’t give it back until I received mine! :). The way anxiety is presented in this book should be essential learning for everyone. Hearing my students talk about how anxiety is normal and also how our amygdala is important and not something we shouldn’t like….ugh…it’s priceless. I have two more of your books on the way and can’t wait to share them with my students.

  4. Melanie (verified owner)

    I purchased the Hey Warrior Hardback Set, Hey Awesome, & But We’re Not Lions to donate to our awesome local city library. I’ve been following Hey Sigmund for years. I always found it to be helpful & informative. Always touching on the subjects like anxiety, depression, being different…stigmas in society. I’ve learned all too much how horrible it is & how alone you can feel. Knowing this as an adult & trying to cope everyday…I just can’t imagine how a child can understand why this is happening to them let alone how to cope with it. I’m hoping that parents, teachers, children will check these amazing books out & find that it’s ok & they are not alone in their struggles. It’s good that bullying, anxiety & other struggles children have to deal with are now out in the open & discussed more. God Bless the children🙏❤️👼🏼Growing up is not always easy & thanks to Hey Sigmund they can know they are a-ok! Thank you for the awareness Karen that you shine on these topics in a way that relates to & helps children understand & find some comfort in knowing it’s going to be ok & they are not alone.

  5. Nat B (verified owner)

    I am so glad I purchased this set! The cuddly is soft and squishy and I will use it in my counselling role as a tool to help children learn about anxiety. The book ‘Hey Warrior” is the best book I have about anxiety – the story and illustrations are both wonderful! I am very pleased with this set and I know I will use it lots in my work with kids and I have already recommended it to parents and other professionals!

    This set is definitely money well spent!

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