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Why Anxiety Feels the Way it Does

Where anxiety comes from and why it feels the way it does – and a super-simple, super-powerful way to switch it off. 



How to Talk to People When Anxiety Gets in the Way

Anxiety has a way of crashing the party and making it difficult to talk to anyone. Here’s how to talk to talk to people and shine when anxiety gets in the way. 



When Anxiety Hits at the Worst Time

Why we make mistakes or stumble during a performance – on the field, on the stage or in front of an audience. Here’s how to stop it happening, so you can make an impression for all the right reasons.



Anxiety, Avoidance, and How to ‘Retrain’ Your Amazing Brain

Sometimes anxiety can drive you to avoid things that are worth avoiding, but then there are the other times when it drives you away from the things that would be brilliant for you. Understand why, and learn a technique to retrain your magnificent brain so you can expand your world and move more bravely into it.



Strike a (Power) Pose

A proven way to feel more confident, more powerful, and less anxious in two minutes. 

Hey Warrior - A book about anxiety in children.

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