When It’s Not You, It’s Them: The Toxic People That Ruin Friendships, Families, Relationships

When It's Not You, It's Them: The Toxic People That Ruin Friendships, Families, Relationships

One of the joys of being human is that we don’t have to be perfect to be one of the good ones. At some point we’ll all make stupid decisions, hurt the people we love, say things that are hard to take back, and push too hard to get our way. None of that makes us toxic. It makes us human. We mess things up, we grow and we learn. Toxic people are different. They never learn. They never self-reflect and they don’t care who they hurt along the way. 

Toxic behaviour is a habitual way of responding to the world and the people in it. Toxic people are smart but they have the emotional intelligence of a pen lid. It’s no accident that they choose those who are open-hearted, generous and willing to work hard for a relationship. With two non-toxic people this is the foundation for something wonderful, but when toxic behaviour is involved it’s only a matter of time before that open heart becomes a broken one.

If you’re in any sort of relationship with someone who is toxic, chances are you’ve been bending and flexing for a while to try to make it work. Stop. Just stop. You can only change the things that are open to your influence and toxic people will never be one of them. Here are some of the ones to watch out for.

15 Versions of Toxic People

  1. The Controller.

    Nobody should have to ask for permission or be heavily directed on what to wear, how to look, who to spend time with or how to spend their money. There’s nothing wrong with being open to the influence of the people around you, but ‘the way you do you’ is for you to decide. Your mind is strong and beautiful and shouldn’t be caged. Healthy relationships support independent thought. They don’t crush it.

  2. The Taker.

    All relationships are about give and take but if you’re with a taker, you’ll be doing all the giving and they’ll be doing all the taking. Think about what you get from the relationship. If it’s nothing, it might be time to question why you’re there. We all have a limited amount of resources (emotional energy, time) to share between our relationships. Every time you say ‘yes’ to someone who doesn’t deserve you, you’re saying ‘no’ to someone who does. Give your energy to the people who deserve it and when you’re drawing up the list of deserving ones, make sure your own name is at the top.

  3. The Absent.

    These versions of toxic people won’t return texts or phone calls and will only be available when it suits them, usually when they want something. You might find yourself wondering whether they got your message, whether they’re okay, or whether you’ve done something to upset them. No relationship should involve this much guess-work.

  4. The Manipulator.

    Manipulators will steal your joy as though you made it especially for them. They’ll tell half-truths or straight out lies and when they have enough people squabbling, they’ll be the saviour. ‘Don’t worry. I’m here for you.’ Ugh. They’ll listen, they’ll comfort, and they’ll tell you what you want to hear. And then they’ll ruin you. They’ll change the facts of a situation, take things out of context and use your words against you. They’ll calmly poke you until you crack, then they’ll poke you for cracking. They’ll ‘accidentally’ spill secrets or they’ll hint that there are secrets there to spill, whether there are or not. There’s just no reasoning with a manipulator, so forget trying to explain yourself. The argument will run in circles and there will be no resolution. It’s a black hole. Don’t get sucked in.

    You:   I feel like you’re not listening to me.
      Are you calling me a bad listener
      No, I’m just saying that you’ve taken what I said the wrong way.
      Oh. So now you’re saying I’m stupid. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. Everyone told me to be careful of you.

    They’ll only hear things through their negative filter, so the more you talk, the more they’ll twist what you’re saying. They want power, not a relationship. They’ll use your weaknesses against you and they’ll use your strengths – your kindness, your openness, your need for stability in the relationship. If they’re showing tenderness, be careful – there’s something you have that they want. Show them the door, and lock it when they leave.

  5. The Bullshitter.

    They talk themselves up, they talk others down and they always have a reason for not doing what they say. They’ll lie outright or they’ll give you versions of the truth – not a lie, not the truth, just that feeling in your gut that something is off. You can’t believe a word they say. There’s no honesty, which means there’s no intimacy. At worst bullshitters are heartbreakers. At best they’re raving bores.

  6. The Attention Seeker.

    It’s nice to be needed. It’s also nice to eat peanut butter, but it doesn’t mean you want it all the time. The attention seeker always has a crisis going on and they always need your support. Be ready for the aggression, passive aggression, angst or a guilt trip if you don’t respond. ‘Oh. You’re going to dinner with  friends? It’s just that I’ve had the worst day and I really needed you tonight. Oh well, I suppose I can’t always expect you to be there for me. If it’s that important to you then you should go. I just want you to be happy. I’ll just stay in by myself and watch tv or something (sigh). You go and have fun with your friends. I suppose I’ll be okay.’ See how that works? When there’s always a crisis, it’s only a matter of time before you’re at the centre of one. 

  7. The One Who Wants to Change You.

    It’s one thing to let you know that the adorable snort thing you do when you laugh isn’t so adorable, but when you’re constantly reminded that you aren’t smart enough, good-looking enough, skinny enough, strong enough, you have to start thinking that the only thing that isn’t good enough about you is this loser who keeps pointing these things out. You’ll never be good enough for these people because it’s not about you, it’s about control and insecurity – theirs, not yours. As long as they’re working on changing you, they don’t have to worry about themselves, and as long as they can keep you small, they’ll have a shot at shining brighter.

    These people will make you doubt yourself by slowly convincing you that they know best, and that they’re doing it all for you. ‘You’d just be so much prettier if you lost a few pounds, you know? I’m just being honest.’ Ugh. Unless you’re having to be craned through your window, or you’re seriously unhealthy, it’s nobody else’s business how luscious your curves are. If you feel heavy, start by losing the 160 pounds of idiot beside you and you won’t believe how much lighter you’ll feel. These ones aren’t looking out for you, they’re trying to manage you. The people who deserve you will love you because of who you are, not despite it.

  8. The One You Want to Change.

    People aren’t channels, hairstyles or undies. You can’t change them. Someone who snarls at the waiter will always be the kind of person who snarls at the waiter – whether they’re snarling or not. People can change, but only when they’re ready and usually only when they’ve felt enough pain.  It’s normal to fight for the things that are important, but it’s important to know when to stop. When a relationship hurts to be in, the only thing that will change will be you – a sadder, more unhappier version of the person you started out as. Before it gets to this, set a time limit in which you want to see change. Take photos of yourself every day – you’ll see it in your eyes if something isn’t right, or check in at the end of each week and write down how you feel. Have something concrete to look back on. It’s easier to let go if it’s clear over time that nothing has changed. It’s even easier if you can see that the only thing different is that the lights have gone out in you.

  9. The Abuser.

    The signs might be subtle at first but they’ll be there. Soon, there will be a clear cycle of abuse, but you may or may not recognise it for what it is but this is how it will look:

    >>  There will be rising tension. You’ll feel it. You’ll tread carefully and you’ll be scared of saying or doing the wrong thing.

    >>   Eventually, there will be an explosion. A fight. There will be physical or emotional abuse and it will be terrifying. At first you’ll make excuses – ‘I shouldn’t have said that/ did that/ gone out/ had an opinion/ said no.

    >>  Then, the honeymoon. The abuser can be wonderfully kind and loving when they need to be, but only when they need to be. You’ll be so desperate for things to get better that you’ll believe the apologies, the tenderness, the declarations of love, the promises.

    >> The tension will start to rise again. Over time, the cycle will get shorter and it will happen more often. The tension will rise quicker, the explosions will be bigger, the honeymoons will be shorter. 

    If this is familiar, you’re in a cycle of abuse. It’s not love. It’s not stress. It’s not your fault. It’s abuse. The honeymoon will be one of the things that keeps you there. The love will feel real and you’ll crave it, of course you will – that’s completely understandable – but listen to this: Love after abuse isn’t love, it’s manipulation. If the love was real, there would be mountains moved to make sure you were never hurt or scared again.

  10. The Jealous One.

    Your partner is important and so are other people in your life. If you act in a trustworthy way, you deserve to be trusted. We all get insecure now and then and sometimes we could all do with a little more loving and reassurance, but when the questions, accusations and demands are consistent and without reason, it will only be a matter of time before your phone is checked, your movements are questioned, and your friends are closed out. Misplaced jealousy isn’t love, it’s a lack of trust in you.

  11. The Worse-Off One.

    These people will always have problems that are bigger than yours. You’re sick, they’re sicker; you’re exhausted from working late every night this week, they’re shattered – from the gym; you’ve just lost your job, they’re ‘devastated because it’s really hard when you know someone who’s lost their job’. You’ll always be the supporter, never the supported. There’s only so long that you can keep drawing on your emotional well if there’s nothing coming back.

  12. The Sideways Glancer.

    Ok. So the human form is beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with admiring it, but when it’s done constantly in your company – in your face – it’s tiring, and it feels bad. You deserve to be first and you deserve to feel noticed. That doesn’t mean you have to be first all the time, but certainly you shouldn’t have to fight strangers for your share of attention. Some things will never be adorable.

  13. The Cheater.

    Infidelity doesn’t have to mean the end of a relationship – that depends on the circumstances and the people involved and it’s not for anyone else to judge whether or not you should stay. It’s a deeply personal decision and one you can make in strength either way, but when infidelity happens more than once, or when it happens without remorse or commitment to the future of the relationship, it will cause breakage. When people show you over and over that they aren’t capable of loving you the way you want to be loved, believe them. Move them out of the damn way so that better things can find you. 

  14. The Liar.

    Let’s be realistic – little white lies happen. In fact, research has found that when lying is done for the right reasons (such as to protect someone’s feelings) it can actually strengthen a relationship. ‘So that’s the orange cocktail dress you’ve spent a month’s pay on? Wow – you weren’t kidding when you said it was bright. Oh, it has pandas on it. And they’re smiling. And the shop doesn’t take returns. And you love it. Well keep smiling gorgeous. You look amazing!’. However, when lies are told with malicious intent and for personal gain, it will always weaken relationships. Relationships are meant to be fun, but none of us are meant to be played.

  15. The One Who Laughs at Your Dreams.

    Whether it’s being a merchant banker, a belly dancer, or the inventor of tiny slippers for cats, the people who deserve you are those who support your dreams, not those who laugh at them. The people who tell you that you won’t succeed are usually the ones who are scared that you will. If they’re not cheering you on, they’re holding you back. If they’re not directly impacted by your dreams, (which, for example, your partner might be if your dream is to sell everything you both own, move to Rome, and sell fake sunglasses to the tourists) then you would have to question what they’re getting out of dampening you.

Being human is complicated. Being open to the world is a great thing to be – it’s wonderful – but when you’re open to the world you’re also open to the poison that spills from it.  One of the things that makes a difference is the people you hold close. Whether it’s one, two or squadron-sized bunch, let the people around you be ones who are worthy of you. It’s one of the greatest acts of self-love. Good people are what great lives are made of. 


Leona B

I have been married for 36 years totally in love until I admitted to showing a body part to a jerk. Anyways now my husband is out of love with me I think seeing a neighbor girl and shit talking It is so heartbreaking though I am not the breadwinner I took care of his parents and everything all of these years only to have him just pull the rug from under me. I don’t think I deserve such behavior they taunt me every day I thought we were solid and can not believe he could do this to me. Am I wrong or should I pay like this. He making me crazy how will I get right with this 55 years old .

Julie G

An old reply but may it help someone in need.

I experienced The liar, manipulator and emotional abuse over 30 years, with unknowingly being lied to before we married. The bottom line was material gain he wanted. I was abandoned and my teenage daughter left with him and chooses to stay with him. I was once the major breadwinner but became physically ill and his career blossomed and I won’t take away the work he put into it but I’m worthy of recognition that I played a pivotal role in his endeavors. It created deep trust wounds. Coping and healing from C-PTSD. It’s okay to be angry..in fact it’s a part of the healing process.

I dipped my toes into forming new relationships a few years ago but sabotaged them out of fear. Ultimately, I didn’t trust myself to recognize red flags or make sound judgments. I didn’t like who I had become because after years of being with someone and trusting them I adopted some ugly habits. I’ve finally opened up to a new relationship with someone whose demonstrated a solid, very kind and understanding, emotionally mature self..not perfect but so far so good. Through this relationship, I changed my habits that were not conducive to a healthy mindset. I run away when I get insecure. Yet, there he was. It takes a special person to be able to move through your healing with you. The benefit was he was in a similar situation with a 2yr long relationship so he “got it”.

I started evaluating my needs and wants. I openly began to share my true self and where there was room to compromise and where my solid ground was without fear of rejection because if someone rejects you because they don’t respect your feelings or needs then they don’t love you. That doesn’t always mean they are a bad person if they openly express their direction in life is different. I found inner strength because I learned I would be okay. I put faith that I would recognize substantial behaviors that were unhealthy and I could express them or simply not tolerate them and end the relationship in an appropriate manner. I found myself along the way both being single and through relationships.

I was angry too about the years I invested. I took ownership of my behaviors, regardless of theirs, wrong is wrong. I looked for all the positive things I had experienced over the years. Even though they might have not been genuinely as invested ignorance can be bliss and I genuinely enjoyed the positive experiences. I learned a lot. I’m also grateful they left although it was in an inappropriate and what had surfaced at the end was unrecognizable and surreal and it hurt but I don’t see the time as wasted anymore. I see the time I have now to give to me what is healthy and true and the strength to hold onto my core self whom needed much love.

At times, emotions like to creep back in and have to be swept out because they are merely dust balls and cobwebs. I work to cope, express and display appropriately the episodes of intense PTSD, especially in my close relationships so they better understand what’s going on. Many are clueless about the depth of the trauma but I can be at peace and know I handled it constructively.

Time can heal but not without letting go. Take any blinders off. Accept. You no longer live in the past so don’t put your energy there. It takes a lot of courage to allow others in but as long as you protect yourself, question yourself and be honest..you may still get hurt but it won’t be as difficult to disengage the emotional attachment.

Be gentle with yourself and with others because the pain has taught us the true frailty of the human condition. I’m not perfect. I don’t always handle things the best way. I endeavor to slow down, think before I act, taste my words before I spit them out and allow my softness be what I fall on rather than a weakness I fell for.

May all of us endeavor to live in the light of love, to find peace in letting go, and grace for the condition called being human,

With healing love.


Dearest Coworker – especially the real mean one who won’t leave my emotions. I no longer work with you so please leave my mind. You cruel cold hearltess mean wasp!

p.s – I’m sorry I have more Grace and look better and younger than you. You play dirty you get dirty. Adios beeatch.

Mark G

This doesn’t have to be a relationship between two people. MY mother, sister and nieces do this. They are horribly selfish and self centered. They believe their own fake, self pity sand lies. My mom taught it to them, but they now all live it. They treat me like they treat others, horrible. Even at the worst points in my life, they act like there is nothing wrong and offer no encouragement or compassion. They just tear at you, bring you more down and then act as if they have had similar problems/worse problems. It is never about you, it is always about them, always comparing. They even tell lies about others and me at work, to friends. They tell me I don’t need to tell people everything, but they tell all and make things up to suit them, to build themselves up. My life has been hard due to my mom and family, but they will act like none of this is true.They will blame all on me and act like nothing I say is true. You can never believe them because they lie and exaggerate. Sister has ton of money, but acts poor. Expects you to pay, but your mean if you don’t. Sick people. If you are in the worst of your life and not sure how to survive with so much pain, they beat you down more and then tell you how they this, they that.. Crazy!! Toxic!

Mark G

I have to reply aqs there is so much. My daughter in law was dying and my mom wouldn’t call anyone to let them know she was in the hospital because the attention wasn’t on her. When people try and tell her there loved ones are sick(terminally), she will ignore it and say how she is so sick(not terminal and not really sick). My wife di ed and she came to just get attention for herself. W hen I got up in the morning after the funeral she was gone, told everyone she was leaving but me. When I was a teenager in high school she would pick my sister and other kids at the school, but make me walk. She would say in front of them there is no room for me or she would just drive away as i walked to the car. Other kids would get in after she told me there was no room for me. When I was extremely depressed and couldn’t come out of it, feelings of not knowing what to do, she said she had her own problems and hung up on me leaving me to do whatever I was going to do. It goes on and on…She wouldn’t take a chair in her car(small chair-soft for kids) for my grandsons because she was jealous of him and dislikes him. he was a a baby. She tries to get your friends to like her better and if someone hates me, she likes them even more.


Dude. Stop being a victim. Stand up on your own 2 feet. Grow a backbone. Grow a pair. And get on with your life. Without them. Do not even waste the time & energy or give them the satisfaction of allowing them to occupy your thoughts. Treat them as if they are dead to you. Move on and rebuild your life and self esteem for the sake of having some actual self respect and true happiness.


He treated you extremely badly. He has now got even more insecurities. He does not love you. You definitely don’t love him. Block him and don’t even allow the toxic manipulation into your mind./ You deserve happiness, and to have a great friendship/ relationship with your five year old. Make sure to take care of your child. Allowing him to manipulate you is transferring your worry onto your child. If nothing else think of your child and block him please


omg this sounds like the same person i was with. i understand the rough childhood but every now and then you have to look at your part in things and take some responsibility. its easy for people to comment on only half of what happened and is true and what part of that is perspective. but sounds like you still love this person and would say or do anything to have them back but wont have a simple conversation. Either have that conversation or I would agree with most people on here and let it go and block him.


I just ended what was so called a “friendship” of almost 2 years with this guy and my god I took me a while to realize how freaking toxic our relationship was. I was so blinded by his manipulations and the way he treated me.

Basically we were hooking up and we were seeing each other frequently at first, everything seemed great but then things between us started to fade as I tried to be his friend and started to develop feelings. As soon as I did that he became shady, we wouldn’t see each other as much or he wouldn’t contact me unless I contacted him, and I just didn’t want to question to him as to why he was acting this way because again we were not exclusive and I didn’t have any right. So due to those circumstances I would ghost on him because I felt I was getting hurt. I also was going through a phase where I would drink a lot and then I would text him to insult him. At first I would feel bad because this wasn’t the way I wanted to behave around him. I wanted to be normal and I wanted to be a friend, but he never gave me that chance. Eventually while I tried to ghost away from his life I somehow manage to go back and contact him and for him it was easy to take me back into open arms because he knew he would get what he wanted out of me.

Everything that he did to me I swept under the rug and ignored it and its only because I thought that these weren’t his real feelings. I somehow sensed that because based on certain things he went through in his past I thought maybe he was just hurt. But no absolutely not, there was no excuse for him to act this way. The worst part is that I told him the truth about everything I felt and I called him out on things I did not like and of course like any other sensitive asshole he denied it. I just don’t understand how could someone so egotistical can be so undermined about not just other people’s feelings but his own as well. I’m happy to say that I am glad I decided to end this dark time in my life and that I could jump over this huge obstacle and just move on. He was definitely ruining my life and I’m glad I was able to catch this before it was too late.

There was lessons to be learned and I’m sure in the hell know that I will never be a victim of this ever again! We are human beings and unfortunately things like this will happen to us in our lifetime but since I’ve been experienced this for the past 2 years theirs no point for me to cry over it and fall down. We just got to brush ourselves up and move on. Life is too beautiful to be worried about things that aren’t worth your time.


I had a toxic friendship it didn’t start out that way for a long time Dominic was a good friend like for thirteen years then he met this girl he wouldn’t make as much time for me he canceled plans and acted like a bad friend eventually I didn’t feel happy and at first it hurt but I ignored it until I had enough I had to end the friendship before it got worse I was sad for a while after I did that but I knew it had to be done now I feel so much better now though because he moved away I can start healing because I never saw him again after he left for school I never talked to him either there’s nothing to say to him he’s toxic now


I’m 56 years old and in a toxic relationship for 6 years ….. I need help … I read the above and realise so many toxic features in my partner that I suddenly realise why my heart is so heavy
I love him very much and was once a strong person …. in my love for him I have given him support in every area of his complicated life and in return lost friends and family and put everything for him before everything else
His main toxicity is the lying cheating and manipulation and yet I feel his love strongly and it makes it so hard to leave him
I keep thinking it will get better… we talk of future getting old together and it warms my heart… but then once again I discovered this week his ability to lie to me and cheat …. yet I am afraid to confront him cause he will inevitably wiggle his way out of it and make it seem that I am the unjust one
I know I should leave but the prospect of not having him near me as my companion makes me feel dead inside …..I’m so pathetic that it confuses me 24hrs how I can even e in this mess
I’m afraid to be alone and afraid to admit that the last six years have been a fake
Will someone help me out if this hole


Don’t walk. Run. Get away. For the dignity of the last bit of self respect that have been able to maintain. You should seriously reconsider being afraid to be alone. Your being alone is certainly much better than personally compromising everything else in order to remain with this person who is clearly full blown NPD. He doesn’t love you. He doesn’t care about you. He only loves and cares about himself. His love for himself is all consuming. There is nothing left for you. You need to move forward and move on. Or risk the peril of being lost inside his self serving NPD and being his slave forever.


What if you as a person, have all these traits? I have been called names of being a “toxic” person.
Of course, each trait has it’s own story….And each person…

But, I have no real friends. And never really have. I am loving and caring but I over think and act out on it foolishly…

Karen Young

It sounds as though over the years, you have nurtured a great awareness in yourself around the things you might do that might hurt others, even if you never intend to be hurtful. None of us are perfect and we all have things about us that could do with some ‘tweaking’. Once there is awareness, there can be change. Go slowly and be gentle with yourself. We are all capable of change, but it doesn’t have to happen all at once.


You could be my friend. I seriously kind of have that problem but I do have a few real friends so not gonna insult them by saying I dont. But the number is limited. As for the toxic traits you’re right, sometimes the traits show up with different ppl. It sometimes may not be because that’s the kind of person we are but it may be that how we react to certain toxic people may make seem to be toxic people ourselves. Face it we all have one or two of those traits but that doesnt necessarily make us toxic ppl.

Richard Chadwell

everyone makes mistakes but we are not toxic, if your a nice person you will just know ” your nice” and not one of those mean people. I have learned to go slow around people and dont give out to much info until i feel like a can trust them. sometimes I think im too nice cause some people take my nice- ness as a weakness. but nice genuine people like being around other nice people. i hope i dont sound silly


I feel so broken,fustrarted and confused all at the same time. I been in a on again off again relationship for 13 years.This guy has went to prison,we remained in contact with 1 another. I moved on into another relationship while he was locked up (He was not loyal to me before he got locked up) that didn’t work and ended it. He gets out we decide to see where it goes. This is the kicker he was in a jail relationship with a girl and me at the sametime when he got out. That’s not it he now tells me its something bad he needs to tell me and he feels like I deserve to know and that after its said and done he hopes are relationship will be stronger..?? thats not it,its been almost 2 weeks and he still has not told me nothing. My anxiety levels are up ,i cant focus ,my mind and heart keeps going to he got this girl pregnant ??and im more hurt that he keeps lingering it on. I just needed to get that off my chest.

Richard Chadwell

Take a break from relationships. you need time to heal. there is a difference between wanting someone and needing someone. people get into relationships to fix their past hurts. it never works. I think when a person has healed and learned from the past then they can contribute in a relationship. instead of being messed with.


My newest ex is all of these depending on his mood.

Last year I was too thick, now Im too skinny. He took out my coworker and closest friend at the time on the anniversary of my dad passing away. He went and spent the night with his ex the 2 days I was moving into a new house instead of helping. When my uncle died he said I didnt deserve to he upset because I moved to California for 5 years and had only seen him a few times in the last two years… (we spent a day together reminiscing the week before he died) …then he went to my work and texted me from there to tell me he was going to try to scrounge up a threesome while I was busy grieving.

He told me he would never love me or call me his girlfriend so I broke it off with him last july and went off with an ex and cried and talked about him the whole time… he called me like the next day saying he knew I would never be faithful to him (he was cheating on me) when Im not like rhat at all and said he did want to be with me then and I was his girlfriend…. and then treated me like nothing for the next month and started talking to his ex like 4 times a day right in front of me and told me how smarter she was than me and a better person and etc so I broke it off with him again and he started sleeping with a nasty chick who looked like a bulldog and bringing her into my bar while I was working and messed up my job. Then he put me down for not working and said I was becoming a miserable person and HE DESERVED to be around happy people.

I have two guy best friends from high school. Ones sister died of breast cancer and the others father died of a stroke. He told me I was a bad person for not taking a $150 taxi to come hang while he was drunk while I watched one friends children so he could say goodbye to his dad. And thats why he took my coworker out. Like I did something to him. Then the day of the funeral of my other friends sister he cussed me out all night and said I didnt deserve sympathy because I wasnt that close to her…. i literally spent at least every other day with her brother for like 6 years hanging at their house as a teenager.

He hits on chicks that hang or work wherever I do. Ive changed jobs 3 times now.

He sent nude photos he took in my bathroom to another girl while laying in my bed in my home beside me.

He has a child with his estranged wife. Im fully supportive of him spending time with his kid. But I wake up to him on the phone or texting his ex while beside me in bed so I was like please go in the living room if youre going to message her. He nutted up and said hed message her wherever he wanted and I was like not while youre laying in my bed in my home with me laying here naked beside ya.

He lied to his brothers wife about me repeatedly to make her not like me by saying me and his brother were sneaking around. I would never do something like I dont break the friend and family rule and Im not a hoe and in love with him…. but hes jealous of his brother and achieved excluding me from any family time with straight up lies.

His mom showed up from Texas with his little sister. I offered them the empty house on my property for free because they needed somewhere to stay and he turned it down and said no because he was trying to cockblock some new boyfriend of his ex’s so he tried to convince her they should stay there. His ex said no. They went back to TX.

He sent me private pictures of another exgirlfriend half naked after we broke it off at thanksgiving because he yanked me across his truck by my hair after I slapped him for telling me he liked cheating on me with the nasty trashy girl he had working for him.

He told me I was more attractive to him when I made him jealous and talked to other guys and unattractive being 100% for him and loyal. (because thats how warped in the head he is)

He knocked me up in November apparently which I didnt know til a chick in Arizona messaged me pics of pics of me he was sending people on my facebook after a nervous breakdown after he messed up a job and cheated on me with his coworker… I found out when I started bleeding about 30 minutes after seeing those pictures from stress. I had my period like the week before. He stayed with me for 3 days and then disappeared for 3 weeks so he could go fuck a chick he met at the gold course.

Then he showed up at my sisters job and wanted to return some old jacket I left in his truck…. and showed up christmas eve so i didnt get to go to the xmas parties and spent xmas alone half the day.

Then he disappeared new years eve and showed back up the day before my birthday because he wanted to have sex. And then didnt message me on my birthday or answer the phone. and disappeared until a few weeks ago… I spent all my money on him, he told me I needed to work more instead of enjoying spending time with me and me letting him stay here because he supposedly needesd a place to atay, then my job got messed up again and then he dipped out after I helped him get on his feet.

Then he said I needed to get my life together. Alone with no ones help… when it was perfect til he showed up again.

Condescending as fuck.

He got annoyed a picture of my exhusband and my father who passed away was up in my bedroom….because its my favorite picture of my dad. ….. but god forbid I mention there are zero pics of me on his facebook but there are ones of her up.

He tried to choke me 2 saturdays ago while we were both naked after sex laying in bed talking so I slid back and he sat on my chest and held my arms down and screamed in my face “do you want me to be like this” while i was laying there trying to blow my hair out of my face because I couldnt see or move my arms and embarrassed to be naked with my hair flipped over my face….. all because I told him to stop lying to me about some random bs lie he’d just said because hes so used to lying its like second nature to him now.

He got mad at me because of that and isnt here any more. But he wont even acknowledge what he did or why he was lying or why I dont trust him… I could tell stories for days.

The messed up thing is he brings out my bad side just to try to show him his disrespect is not wise but he just uses it against me to get people to hate me unjustly. And when that doesnt work he just lies.

He broke in here like 5 months and took a vape from my roommates room and then went around and told everyone that i broke into his dads where he was staying to make people hate me more…. when I dont break into anything. Or lie. Or do dirty things to people.


Sorry you didn’t enjoy your birthday. These kind of people are your basic party poopers whether or not its your birthday. I understand, haven’t enjoyed mine the past few years since I realized the snake in my dream was him who I’ve been living with. The snake has never bitten me and I have choked and killed it. When I realized the snake was him I stopped having those dreams. Coincidence?… Yet, somehow it still lurks around, hiding, and just as diabolical.More about this snake below…

First, he is self-absorbed. I can’t have quality time w/ my own mother b/c he is constantly calling for “Business updates” when it is really more a bad version of facebook “Hey look at me” status.Second, Who is he when not around my mother or me? His every day relationships? He’s friends with strangers at work and the people close to him at home, family are strangers.
Third, he tries to get me involved in his manipulative bs. When I’m around both of my parents he makes me look wrong, like the schmo that I don’t do anything when both my mother and I know we do everything and he doesn’t do anything around the house/work unless it applies to him, or it is a bad reflection on me therefore on him. Fe; Just last week he said, You know we have a yardsale this weekend?” I could’ve said-“Do you? Because you were too busy bossing us around and going golfing, all about you when you could’ve helped us out. Then, afterwards you came back just in time, opened your big fat mouth and lost me a sale because of your ego-and what do you do for a living again? Hmmm, oh You’re a salesman you ought to know when to shut up, let them decide and then have them eating out of the palm of your hand like you do everyday, your personal and professional life. BTW Thanks alot for your “help”.

Fourth, our so call relationship he tells me, “I’m not saying this to be mean” and I should’ve said “Oh I know you don’t do it on purpose because you’re so naturally good at it”. He is manipulative, nice when he wants something when he gets what he wants. I called him judgemental once” and he said “Well I’ll stop when you prove me wrong” implicating I’m a failure, I’m no wrong, you’re wrong and I’m not going to change. But,the truth is I don’t need to prove anything. Called me “Stoic and obstinate” and I thought well your jokes are not funny, they are mean, passive aggressive, sarcastic and you taught me well didn’t you-how not to act, and its not his mood its is personality.He a bad influence, is brainwashing, exploitative, hypocritical, vindictive, passive-aggressive, drama queen and it makes me sick. My mother doesn’t even get it and enables his behavior then hugs me-she doesn’t even know deep down what from.Also, from what she told me had married one before him, she is not but just attracts those kind of people and I feel sorry for her who has to put up with him. He is such a fake person. Lately emotions aside I can’t think of what positive thing to say about him because his spreads and feeds on negative vibes.

Finally, when its him and me alone, no witnesses he verbal abuses/gaslights and mentally abuses, tries to “Help” me when he forgets to tell me things or “I’m smart I’ll figure it out” like he’s setting me up for failure and I’m the one with excuses or doing a bad job on purpose. The truth is, he doesn’t know I am onto him, his little secret-the one he didn’t want me to find out. The truth is I know more than he might even know himself, acts like a snake 24 hours a day. See? I can be manipulative too, get into his mindset too. Why? because I used to be nasty like him too when I was a child. Seeing through both perspectives, at first harmless it was nice to get what you wanted, being happy and have things going your way for a while. But what happens when you lose that feeling once again left feeling empty? You act by any means necessary at the expense of others feelings to get that feeling back, an on-going never self fulfilling prophecy. The difference between him is I choose the side I act on, not him and now I know the kind person he is. Glad you left, I don’t have the means but when I do I am walking out on his negative bs and never looking back.


that is my family.person play one against other.ruin friendship.wants all like her hate me.person a gemini.my relative trying to copy off of her.evil.another relative take everybodys money.she got herself own debt..they all shellfish.money.fights.i would like to be in a decent family.


I’m in a 20 year toxic relationship. I was extremely young when we started. Only in recent years have I started to really see through him. Problem is now he refuses to leave out of my life. I have supported him financially and emotionally for a large portion of our time together. I am his bread and butter yet he emotionally abused me. In recent years he has begun to abuse me verbally in public to family and friends and exploit our intamacy and degrades me as a women and mother to my children. I was thinking of therapy for the damage he continues to inflict. I want out but don’t want to involve police. I don’t know what is holding me back from calling the police and having him escorted out of my home that I purchased without him. I don’t know what to do but I do know I want out!


20 years of his BS and you are afraid of moving on. Throw him the f@ck out. On his A$$. If you are too weak to do it, then find some other strong minded people in your life to help you. And never look back. Life is too short to waste your time with people who have no respect for you and treat you like sh!t. You will never be able to heal yourself and move forward in your life until you remove him from the picture completely.


Just reading throught the toxic list as i finished with a friendship/relationship of 7years .she always had a crisis and needed my help also helped raise her kids as a stepdad she s then met a new man and wanted me to carry on helping .i hav nt seen her for 3 months as i decided to walk away .could nt carry on helping in a one way street ,she then texts me last week to see if i can look after her son on a sleep over i texted her that I was nt happy as we were a couple for a long time but in her mind we were friends .she did nt like my honesty and now will never talk to me again or see her kids that saw me as a dad and i m the one to blame .feel like shit such a shame she can t see what i did for her but your list made me.realise that she will never change need to move on sorry her children are caught in the middle


my boyfriend of 2 years and 3 months is the last son of 11 kids Greek family. 9 sisters 2 son. He is 43 not kid! He never been happy in his life whit any woman his family member tall me. The Mum is berry controling and his sister don’t one to look after his dad that is in bed whit care of two of his sister and get pay by NHS for it. From 11 to 2 pm!! They change Dad nappy only ones and they life all to him when is back from work. If he don’t stay whit then one sister police office control all. He scare of her. Lot negative round. If I Pay flower for mum. She say to him: she is traying to hart ? If he take me out sat or Sundays have to be for 3 hours only. He need to be all the time whit then. Dad in bed smoke not stop!! I don’t understand why NHS pay for a 84 year old man like this and for a kid whit cancer only 4%!! Mother is 84 and walk shopping the lot. Why they don’t left him be happy?? Why control his life?? Why she thinkgs he is a baby he is 43? They all big gamble and live a lie!! I don’t one a man who is a kid and don’t one to open his eyes. Beford he was unhappy and slepping lot. Don’t go to work Saturdays I change him and they don’t like!! He also gamble beford a lot. I make him to stop!! I was proud I say all the time. He go back to gamble ? Is
Sad but I change my phone number and I craying so much today. But I can’t do this any more. My son used to have cancer for 3 years. I when for so much pain. He is getting better day by day. I work and I don’t understand why?? Is so simple they have a life 11 kids!! Why they don’t one him to be happy? I know they are whit the problem. ?


I do not have a relationship with my husband and the only way we can spend an evening together is by inviting friends. I also create nuisance among friends circles and as a result have been thrown out of many friend circles. I keep begging them to take me back but they won’t.

I have recently been trying to enter another group and have started creating a nuisance there too. I am sure I will be thrown out again. I need help from a psychiatrist but don’t know what to do and cannot help myself.

Many times I feel I should move to another city and start fresh but don’t know how to do that.

I need help.

Ze Ro

I am in my first ever “real” relationship with someone. I have never loved someone like this before. I have been almost going out for 2years, but it feels like more. His toxic family ismaking us break up. I dont understand why he is taking the side of racist horrible people over me, the one who will always be there for him. I just feel so low, and I still want to be with him. I dont want me or him to be with anyone else. And I know he loves me…I dont know. I just feel horrible and want to forget everything and be with him.


This article made it clear I made the right decision to end a 8 year relationship that was very toxic. He had half of these traits and I tried so hard to help him change but you can’t change someone who never thinks they are wrong or blames others for their actions ?. I know if I stayed I would lose myself and I deserve better.


My situation is a bit different. The person who shows many of the signs mentioned here is my mother. She is a result of a broken home and her father abandoned the family when she was 4. She also shows signs of a person with abandonment issues and It is difficult to know where each behaviour comes from as they overlap. She has shown a pattern her whole life of cutting off contact with people. She always blames them and it is always about them and not about her in her discription of events. She has broke contact with all of her family and at least 3 female friends that she did have a close relationship with, but then she became angry and dismissed them. I was ill one Christmas and dared to suggest a change to Christmas plans. her response was to scream at me on the phone and hang up. She refused to consider my perspective or my suggestion to connect differently that Christmas. it is important to note that I am in my 50’s and she is in her 70’s. Since that conflict she has had no contact and refused any attempts by me to have a discussion. I do think that her childhood has a huge impact on who she is. Friends who are psycologists have told me that her behaviours are typical of a person with Abandonment Issues. When in relationships with others she also shows many elements of the Toxic person. It was impossible to ever discuss anythink without her switching the conversation to herself. It went something like, I am really tired, and her response would be “tell me about it, I have been so busy this week with such and such”. This has always been how she communicated and still does with everyone she connects with. I often wondered if she thought she was “finding common ground” by aligning her expereince with the other person, but now it seems clear that was not the case, but I don’t feel she decides to switch the conversation focus in this way, I think she does not know how else to respond. I also think that she is a very unhappy person. I have accepted that a relationship with her is not possible and have stopped hoping for change. I have good and meaningful relationships in my life but I do feel a loss, somewhat like a death because of the loss of this relationship. I guess, my post is not really to seek advice, unless something seems apparent to you. It is more to express the situation and explore the idea of the coexisting dynamics of a person who is Toxic and a person who has Abandonment issues. I think we often place blame on a person who is Toxic, but in my situation I feel very much as if the hurt of the past generation has been passed on to the next. I think it was not my mothers fault that adandonment happened to her. The actions of my grandfather hurt my grandmother and hurt my mother and the truth is that my mother has, maybe not purposefully, also hurt me. I can actually have compassion toward her for what she went through and I also feel that she is unable to reflect and see her role in her relationships. It is not accessible to her. Maybe the pain and fear is so deeply rooted she does not know how to be any other way.

Thank you for providing a forum.


It’s comforting Michael to know that I am not the only one that feels this way towards their mother for similar reasons. I am wondering if you have ever had an open conversation with her about your concerns and the impact her behavior has on you– and how that was received.

M. Hamilton

I’m in a similar situation with my mom. She was divorced from my father when I was very young and had to work full time so we moved in with my grandparents. From the age of 2 until I left home at 22 my grandparents were the primary source of my care and I still think of them as my parents, while my mom is cruel, selfish and inconsiderate. She forbids me to speak about my grandparents in her presence because they were “her parents and not mine” yet she has nothing kind to say about my grandmother at least she has a warm spot for my grandfather still. It’s hard when I love her, yet I resent her and think she’s petty because everything has to be reduced in some way to include her or how it relates in some way to her life. It’s exhausting keeping up with it.

Leona B

Why is it we blame ourselves when we make a mistake learn from it and move on screw the ones that don’t forgive you you are only human .


Im 48 and my philapino fiance 23 is always teasing me never serious says she is but never opens up always silent .she calls me stupid american dumb .i just came back from the philapine 21 days there .and our long distant relation has gotten worse .if i dont do what she says she will hang up on me .or tell me over and over 10 times on her texts or verbally telling me .i need to stop trying so hard to win her heart she is the boss she has the control but i feel im too needy .i dont know what to do now .she uninstalled all her apps that she has with me .after 1 year of knowing eachother she acts like she doesnt need me anymore .


She doesn’t need you, and you don’t need her. You’re 48 years old, so grow up. Why are you trying to marry 23 year old children? Find someone your own age who you have something in common with.


While I agree with the essence of your comment, I think that you are the one who needs to grow up. Adults should be capable of making a point without being so rude. And if you are perfect enough to feel your snark is justified, then what are you doing here? Go spread sunshine among your fellow perfect people, and take your smug attitude with you.


Yep. McAllestar is an all star troll. Clearly trolling this site because he is an all star abuser with no one left to prey upon in his completely worthless life. What a clown.

Leona B

These kind of people are also toxic types they just give enough to make you crave more it becomes a living nightmare there are .too many great people in this very large world go find a new one with more respect for your feelings and time good luck bow go .


The way I feel right now, if my hopefully soon to be ex-husband said that he would kill himself I would hand him everything he needed to do it with and ask him what’s taking so long.

Amanda, I’m saying this to you now, take that precious little boy and get as far away from that man as you can get. Save your child, he is the most precious thing in this world and no amount of promises or hopes of love are worth his innocent little life. Think about how badly you are being hurt by that jerk, every single minute of your life is probably lived with thoughts of the jerk who is destroying your life, and i know how you feel because I am there and I live it everyday. You have a choice though, you can choose your life and what you will put up with, but your little boy, he has to go along with you and he doesn’t have a choice at this point. This is probably the most important thing you will ever do in your life and maybe the toughest, but get you and that baby out of there. Do whatever it takes to do it, but go and do it now. Later on when you know your little boy is safe, then you can stop and think and wonder and go through all the mental bullshit you are sure to be dealing with. Get some distance and don’t even let him talk to you because the are good good good at what they do.
You may be feeling sorry or thinking that maybe you can help him, teach him or somehow turn him back to the way he was at first, but I promise you, the man you first me and fell in love with isn’t real, he played a fantasy role for a while to suck you in, but you will NEVER see that person again because it was an act, that’s all it was. He will use you up and spit you out and never look back, but not until he has totally left you feeling like the rubbish in the trash can. And the only future you have with him is what you have now and worse, it won’t ever get better, just worse. I promise you that. And you will be sacrificing your son and yourself if you try to stick it out. And this so called person who is making all these promises and telling you all these lies, he will throw you away and be laughing the whole time, this is what they live for.
I know I must sound like a raving lunatic right now and maybe I am being tough on you, but believe me, this is gentle compared to what you would be going back into. Save your Son if you can’t save yourself, save your SON! Go now!


This is the truth if it were ever told. Take your son out of it before he learns how to be just like him. That environment breeds this behavior. It is learned and comes from a toxic family and relationship. The most important thing you need to remember is it will never be better than it is, the longer you stay the worse it gets. It just happens faster the longer you are there.


I’ve just come out of a 3 year on off relationship with a man who had 12 out of the 13 toxic behaviours to look out for! The last resort of us splitting up was he kicked me and my 5 year old son out of his flat, my son had no shoes on he wouldn’t give me my car keys and my son saw him drag me out by my ankles!! My sons dad got wind if all this and contacted social services which I do not blame him for at all as I would have done the same. Me and my ex have now been split for 4 months and everyday I get some sort of abbusive text saying I’m sleeping with whoever I’m messaging whoever the lust is endless then he goes back to saying how I was his life he has nobody and that he loves me then when he doesn’t get a reaction from that he says he going to commit suicide and it goes on and on!! I am trying to get on with my life I’ve been away and been out for my 40th birthday but feel guilty for doing that cause he says I’m just flirting with other guys getting there numbers and everything else!! I cannot be with this guy as I will loose my son and I keep telling him this but he just continues the same every day I’ve never known anything like it in my life as if it was the other way round I would walk away I wouldn’t want him to loose his kids no matter how painful it was for me! There is so much more to this but they are the basic things!


So block his number, and call it a day.

If you don’t want to talk to the guy, block his number. If you don’t want his text messages, block his number. If you don’t want e-mails from him, block his e-mail address.

If you’re not going to do any of those above, then you get what you get.


That’s awful to say that . It’s not you get what you get . Just because sometimes people become complaint with assholes doesn’t mean the person ever had a right to be an asshole. That obviously is the right choice , to have no contact . But have a little heart on how hard that can be with the internal abuse


Barb – So true. Thanks for standing up to McAllestar. He/she sounds like a ‘Controller’, ‘Manipulator, and lastly ‘The Abuser’.


Sorry….McAllister is right. Amanda is playing the victim role. She needs professional help to understand why she chooses people who abuse her…..She is emotionally immature and chooses emotionally immature people to associate with. Cut him out of your life, block his number and be an adult! Get help so you don’t pass this emotional abuse down to your son.


TRUTH!!!!!!! Cut him off! Why even answer or read his bull? You could lose more than your son foolin’ with this nut.

Margie Guess

Please block him from all social media. Do not read them. If you can’t block him, put him on auto reject list. There’s no need for contact & he’s still controlling to a point. You have yo act like are dead, and should be to you. Even you may not realize, it still harms your son. It did to mine. They even get a sick look to have to mention their name.


Your lucky you only spent 3 years in this relationship. I spent much longer and it ended with him calling police, lying and having me locked up. Similar situation with a business partner…working with him. If someone threatens to call the cops on you it’s time to call it quits. No exceptions. People who love you don’t do this and they don’t take your children from you and they don’t steal from you. Financial abuse along with all that? Never put up with it.

Richard Chadwell

I’m sorry to hear about your ex. you deserve a nice person in your life. Bullies always attack nice people. they think we are weak because we are nice and have good qualities. Dont let anyone take that from you. I was told that I was worthless for 17 years. but despite all their efforts I made a good life for myself. Im proud about what I accomplished and they are still miserable. A famous play write once wrote ” never love anyone who treats you like your odinary Hang in there and give yourself a big hug.


When you realy want to end this you will You will not have contact they day you wake up an say i refuse at any cost to see or talk to him is when you are truly done. untill you do that your not ready to end this.

Leona B

Walk away and respect yourself and your son each life only has so much time on Earth do not waste any more of your life and time on this ungrateful unworthy of no company at all single toxic human you already wasted every minute you have spent with him so far. This is a world we share with thousands of amazing humans to pick from so find yours with more respect and enjoy life as most people know it.


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Faces so often say so more than our words ever could. Even more than words and behaviour, faces tell the story of where we (and our nervous systems) are right now. Receive their joyful faces and their brave faces. Their scared faces and their sad faces. When their words are spicy and big their behaviour is bigger, receive their faces. Their faces won’t lie. And neither do ours. By receiving their faces it will open the way to show them, ‘I see you. I feel you. I’m with you.’♥️
Parenting was never meant to be about perfection. Neither was growing up. The messy times are so often where the growth happens - theirs and ours - but this can only happen if we can be with ourselves through the mess, with an open heart and an open mind. But this can be so hard some days! 

Let’s start by shoving the idea of perfect parenting out the door and let’s do that with full force. Perfection. Ugh. Let’s not do that to ourselves and let’s not do that to our young loves. It’s okay for them to see our imperfections, and it’s okay for them to lay theirs bare in front of us. We won’t break them if we yell sometimes. They will learn from our mistakes, and we will learn from theirs.♥️
If the feelings that send them ‘small’ don’t feel safe or supported, the ‘big’ of anger will step in. This doesn’t mean they aren’t actually safe or supported - it’s about what the brain perceives. 

Let them see that you can handle them in all their feelings. Breathe and be with - through their tears, or confusion, or lostness. Just let their feelings come, and let them be. Feelings heal when they’re felt. Big feelings don’t hurt children. What hurts is being alone in the feelings. Your strong, loving presence, your willingness to be with without needing them to be different, and certainty that they’ll get through this will hold them steady through the storm. If they don’t want you near them, that’s okay too. Let them know you’re they’re if they need.♥️
Brains love keeping us alive. They adore it actually. Their most important job is to keep us safe. This is above behaviour, relationships, and learning - except as these relate to safety. 

Safety isn’t about what is actually safe, but about what the brain perceives. Unless a brain feels safe, it won’t be as able to learn, connect, regulate, make good decisions, think through consequences. 

Young brains (all brains actually) feel safest when they feel connected to, and cared about by, their important adults.  This means that for us to have any influence on our kids and teens, we first need to make sure they feel safe and connected to us. 

This goes for any adult who wants to lead, guide or teach a young person - parents, teachers, grandparents, coaches. Children or teens can only learn from us if they feel connected to us. They’re no different to us. If we feel as though someone is angry or indifferent with us we’re more focused on that, and what needs to happen to avoid humiliation or judgement, or how to feel loved and connected again, than anything else. 

We won’t have influence if we don’t have connection. Connection let’s us do our job - whether that’s the job of parenting, teaching - anything. It helps the brain feel safe, so it will then be free to learn.♥️
#parenting #parentingforward #parentingtips #mindfulparenting
The stories we tell ourselves influence how we feel and what we do. This happens to all of us. These stories can be influenced by our mood, history, stress - so many things that are outside of what’s actually happening. 

When our children are in distress, this will start to create distress in us. The idea of this is to mobilise us to protect, but when that distress happens in the absence of a ‘real’ threat, it can throw us into fight or flight. This can influence the story we tell ourselves. This is really normal.

Whenever you can, pause, and be open to a different story. It won’t necessarily make the behaviour okay, but it will make it easier to give your child or teen what they need in that moment - an anchor - a strong, steady, loving presence to guide them back to calm. 

When their brains and bodies are back to calm, then you can have the conversations that will grow them: what happened, what can you do differently, what can I do differently that would help?

The truth is that they are no different to us. In that moment they don’t want to be fixed. They want to feel seen, safe, and heard.♥️
#parenting #parenthood #mindfulparenting

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