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Raising an Introverted Child in an Extroverted World
27th October, 2017

Raising an Introverted Child in an Extroverted World (by Cindy Price)

We live in a society that is geared towards extroversion. Think about it: a public school system that overtly pushes class participation, a work culture that encourages networking for current and future jobs (not to mention open-plan work spaces) and a society that promotes norms like small talk. America values the bold and gregarious and the louder people are, the more confident they appear and the more attention they receive.

When They Say This, They Might Need You to Know This
6th October, 2017

When They Say This … They Might Need You To Know This. How to Strengthen Your Connection and Influence With Your Child

Children have a beautifully rich capacity to influence their world. There will be times this influence will feel strong and vibrant, as though their very important corner of the world is theirs to shape. Then there will be the other times – the ones when their capacity to influence will feel wafer-thin and shadowed by rules, boundaries, louder voices, and other people. 

5 Reasons Your Child Craves Boundaries
6th October, 2017

5 Reasons Your Child Craves Boundaries (by Carla Buck)

Boundaries are our way of protecting and looking after ourselves. They are the secret gatekeepers to our souls, keeping the good in and the not-so-good out. But why does your child crave them? Boundaries help your child thrive by teaching them responsibility, security, consequences, respect, and emotional regulation.

How to Help Your Kids With Big Adjustments
31st August, 2017

How to Help Your Kids With Big Adjustments (by Charity Ritter)

Change is hard, and most people out there don’t like big life ones. They can be scary, they can disrupt the order and routine in your life, and they come with a lot of questions. Big life changes can be very hard for many adults; however, they may be even harder for kids, who can’t quite grasp or understand the reason behind them.

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