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The True Value of Healthy Habits We’re Teaching Our Kids
30th August, 2016

The True Value of Healthy Habits We’re Teaching Our Kids (by Sophia Smith)

Raising your kids and teaching them to grow up into responsible and hardworking young people is surely not an easy task, but it has to be done no matter what. You will have to deal with numerous challenges in order to get this done, but trust us – it’ll be worth all the effort. If you are wondering how to do that successfully, stay with us. Here are six healthy habits you need to teach your children.

I Just Want To Go To Sleep! How to Sleep Better (According to Science)
26th August, 2016

I Just Want To Go To Sleep! How to Sleep Better (According to Science)

For something that’s meant to be instinctive and so-easy-that-babies-can-do-it, sleep certainly doesn’t mind playing hard to get at times. It can be a bit of a punk like that. Here’s how sleep is meant to happen – your body temp starts to drop and melatonin – the sleep hormone that tells your body that it’s bedtime – starts to rise. Your blood pressure drops, your heart rate eases back and your breathing finds a steady beat. Then … sleep. Restful, restorative, glorious sleep. Easy right? Yeah no. Not at all.

Your Brain and Happiness - How to Make ‘Happy' Happen
1st August, 2016

Your Brain and Happiness – How to Make ‘Happy’ Happen (by Debbie Hampton)

Your experience of your journey through life boils down to the chemicals in your brain. Happy, sad, mad, anxious, you name it – can all be traced to what’s going on inside your head. Your brain produces a chemical soup which directs your behavior, always instinctually encouraging you to seek pleasure and avoid pain to ensure your survival. When you have success (whatever that means to your brain), you get rewarded with happy.

Love at First Sight - How it Happens
2nd May, 2016

Love At First Sight – How it Happens (by John Alex Clark)

The subconscious mind works in a very simplistic manner. In fact, this simplicity has been the cause of many misjudgements, stereotypes and wrong beliefs all throughout the ages. You see, our subconscious mind forms opinions without us even realising it. These then spill through to our conscious thinking and we react according to them.

Courage is Taking that First Step Into the Unknown
15th February, 2016

Courage is Taking That First Step Into the Unknown (by Cath McEwen)

Fear is something that has held me back in the past, not being prepared to take risks that moved me outside my comfort zone. That has all changed since I made the decision to become a life coach.  Each day I am faced with new challenges to overcome, new ways of thinking, and the person I now have to become. Each day I am faced with the decision to push through the fear to get my dream off the ground or to turn back.  Each day I choose to move forward, sometimes taking leaps of faith or some days smaller more manageable steps.

Research Links Autism and Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy: What it Means.
18th December, 2015

Research Links Autism and Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy: What it all means.

In a groundbreaking study involving 145,456 pregnancies, researchers have found that the use of antidepressants during the second and third trimester may be a significant risk factor for autism. Currently around 4-7% of women take antidepressants during pregnancy to ease the debilitating symptoms of depression. Exposure to antidepressants during this critical time could almost double the risk of autism for their unborn babies, but this statistic needs to be understood in context. 

Highly Sensitive or Anxious
23rd November, 2015

Anxiety or Highly Sensitive? (by Kathryn Pearson)

The phrases ‘anxious teen’ or ‘anxious child’ seem to be more and more prevalent in our society. The numbers have increased and sufferers are getting younger and younger. My own experience has shown this – more teens are coming to me for EFT, more students at the school I used to work at were suffering from anxiety but also my own daughter, niece and nephew, all show signs of ‘being a bit anxious’. It really sparked something inside of me and made a part of me rise up to try to find an explanation. 

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