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Finding the Strength to Be
12th October, 2015

Finding The Strength To Be (By Sarah Sacks)

Originally I came to meditation through yoga.  After many years of a very physical yoga practice, I found my home practice had become less and less active.  Allowing my body to guide me, at home on the mat, I no longer sought physical expression, but experienced a deep desire to sit.  Sitting in the unknowing, meditation became me.

8th January, 2015

Stopping the Chase …

We think we know what want so we start the chase. We fight harder, run faster, hold on tighter. But the happiness doesn’t come. What if not the chase, but what we’re chasing that’s causing the trouble?

16th December, 2014

The Best of Humanity …

Humanity is phenomenal when the best of it steps forward. It started when a woman saw a passenger on a train quietly take off her hijab, presumably out of fear of being targeted. The woman said to the passenger, ‘Put it back on. I’ll walk with you.’

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