Hey Warrior

A book for kids about anxiety. Kids can do amazing things with the right information. Understanding why anxiety feels the way it does and where the physical symptoms come from is a powerful step in turning anxiety around. Anxiety explained, kids empowered.

For ages 5-12 (and up).

‘Hey Warrior’ can be shipped worldwide.Available in softcover and hardcover.

(114 customer reviews)

From: USD $13.98

From: USD $13.98

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114 reviews for Hey Warrior

  1. Michael L (verified owner)

    What a lovely book. My 9 and 11 year old daughters have their fears and anxieties about all kinds of things in life but most significantly with starting something new. We are moving to a new school district next month so you can understand how that can affect any child. We are very pleased with the way this book explains what is actually happening with your mind and body when it comes to feeling anxiety. Understanding what is happening to ourselves and our feelings is so important in living life and this book portrays that through words and imagery.

  2. Matt (verified owner)

    My 9 year old daughter has been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for a few months. I love this book because of the way it explains the mechanisms behind and reasons for stress and anxiety and gives clear, actionable methods to better manage oneself that are accessible to a a child of her age and emotional and mental stages of development.

    I will say that putting in place a daily ritual to habitualise the strategies given in the book requires support from me – she’s not old enough to do it alone.

    The book is also beautifully illustrated and very aesthetically appealing (at least to my tastes..).

    Thank you!

  3. Saul G (verified owner)

    Well presented ,illustrated and explained and most importantly my 10 year old son is understanding why sometimes we feel the way do.

  4. Donna G (verified owner)

    My boys loved these books so I purchased them as end of year teacher gifts.

  5. Amy T (verified owner)

    My 9 year old son absolutely loves this book. It’s written SO well. We read it together sometimes, but I also see him reaching for it by himself.

  6. Katie (verified owner)

    My son, who is almost 10, is clearly empowered by this book. The page about the physical manifestations of anxiety gave him a big “aha moment.” We read it together often, at his request. I also bought the key chain and we do some goofy role playing with it where Lookout (his name for his amygdala) is afraid of things and we talk him through it. I’m so glad we purchased these and it was well worth the wait as it was shipped overseas. Thank you!

  7. Kristen

    This is a beautiful book! My 6 year old son and 9 year old daughter both loved it in its ability to teach about the value of befriending our amygdala and appreciate its helpful intentions for our safety. They both had fun naming their inner warriors and by the end of the book they were engaged with the various strategies to become the boss of their own bodies and allow their warriors to relax. I’m a psychotherapist and would happily recommend this book to most of my adult clients as well!! It’s a very clear, non-pathologizing and empowering way to understand our nervous systems and develop emotion regulation. Thanks so much:)

  8. joelene grassby (verified owner)

    i bought this book for my son, who is struggling since starting in his new class at school. He is been testes for autism however I feel anxiety with the pandemic has brought many of his traits on. My son loves this book and it has helped massively! He is back to staying in his own bed and going to school with no tears. I used the sticker the book was sealed with and he wears it on his school jumper so if he feels the big emotion he can touch it to remind himself he’s ok. We are due our third child in the next few weeks and i am going to buy the soft toy for him and his sister as i’m sure they are going to feel anxious when the new arrival comes so thought it would be a nice gift for the baby to give to its siblings. I am also a primary school teacher and will use this book for many years to come to help in the classroom!

  9. Margaret A K (verified owner)

    I have a 16 year old son with high functioning autism who struggles with OCD. Hey Warrior was recommended by his therapist and I was so impressed with how the author could take such a complex subject and explain it terms that were simple and yet still relatable to older kids. The book helps takes the shame out of feeling anxious by explaining it in a positive way. Thank you!

  10. Andrea L (verified owner)

    Helpful tool in assisting my 8 year old with his very active mind and feelings. Sometimes we take in “too much” and wish we had different filters. This book simplifies the very human experience of anxiety for children, and most importantly validates this super strength that at times feels paradoxically something to be at odds with. Thank you for the wonderful addition to the toolbelt!

  11. Glen T (verified owner)

    I bought the Hey Awesome books as my daughter had anxiety issues in school…she was 10. These books put the issue of having anxiety into context in the mind of a child and turned a perceived ‘weakness ‘ into a strength. I will be forever grateful to Karen helping turn my precious daughter into the potential we all knew was within her and making her light shine so much brighter…thank you Karen.

  12. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    This book has been instrumental in improving my practice of supporting students with anxiety! It is an AMAZING resource!

  13. Morgan T (verified owner)

    Adorable, educational, and makes great connections for children.

  14. Pamela M (verified owner)

    simply written and as applicable for adults as children

  15. Bethany G (verified owner)

    My son immediately read this and exclaimed it was his favorite book! Thank you!

  16. Sarah B (verified owner)

    This book is truly lovely, and twelve year old boys aren’t too old to think so 🙂

  17. Sonja M

    This book was suggested to me by a school social worker who came into my boutique. As a behavioural consultant and yoga and meditation teacher for children I am so grateful. I will now sell this book and use it in my private practice and classes for children. This book is creative and engaging. It gives simple strategies and thorough explanations. It is a book shelf must have. I liked the surprise of the checklists at the back. These were well thought out.

  18. Debbie (verified owner)

    A wonderful book for families to read together. The resilience focus with an explanation of how the brain works is fantastic! I highly recommend this book to all families!

  19. Steven H

    I love this book. Wonderfully written and illustrated, hugely insightful and I recommend it to friends and clients. It breaks down a complex set of issues into powerful simplicity and it has really helped my kids, and me!

  20. Mark B (verified owner)

    I bought this book for work (family services) as I have never come across anything better to explain to kids suffering from anxiety what is happening in their minds & bodies and how to deal with it. It can be enjoyed on a story level, the illustrations are beautiful too, but it can also be used as a tool kit to help kids understand & deal with stress. Fantastic stuff. Highly recommended!

  21. Gwen (verified owner)

    My 6 year old grandson is at times explosive. Improving as he gets older. This book he understood, love the language, the explanation of the fight or flight response. He really connected with being the boss of his brain. He really liked the about me part and shared much about himself. Some stuff I knew but also learned new stuff about him. Sent the book home for his parents to read with with him and just about anyone egg law that is connected to him in some way with the hope we will all use the same language to encourage him to be the boss of his brain!!!

  22. Kath (verified owner)

    This book was perfect for my 10 year old son and I to read together when he recently started struggling to switch off at bedtime, overthinking, worrying and churning negative scenarios about the past and the future. After trying everything else I purchased this book and not long after reading it together he managed to articulate what was really bothering him. Something obviously clicked with him and now he’s asleep when his head hits the pillow again. Definitely recommended for any parents “toolbox”!

  23. Alicia S (verified owner)

    The illustrations are fun and friendly. I purchased this for young adults who deal with anxiety. The use of scientific terms; amygdala, CO2:O2, etc. keep the prose from sounding too simple.
    These individuals are already dealing with stress related to memorizing or following detailed scientific information. Having a funny positive image to call to mind when dealing with surging emotions can be easier to focus on then stern steps. It provides a ‘back door’ to regain control of our body’s response.
    So far, response has been a fun read with good information and a positive way to consider what ‘takes off’ within their bodies.

  24. Kristin H (verified owner)

    As a counselor, I am always looking for new books and resources. I consider Hey Warrior my best find yet! The way it explains anxiety and why our bodies respond they do is spot on and incredibly easy to follow and understand. My kids love this book and I have even used it as a reference with my adult clients. Amazing book!!

  25. Kevin H. (verified owner)

    My 5 year old loves this book. He even told his therapist about his amygdala, its almond shape, and the “special” fuel it gives his body. It has helped him understand more of what is happening to his body. He is still just a touch too young maybe to understand everything, but he enjoys the book, thinks its funny, and gets stuff out of it that he can use He loves to talk about the jelly on his belly.

  26. Jules

    My counselor just read me this over our remote session, and I genuinely could not have felt more seen or heard. I’m ordering the physical copy after I submit this review so I can read it during my next anxiety attack. Karen Young, thank you so much for a book accessible to all. This 25 y/o autistic individual truly appreciates you!

  27. Morgan (verified owner)

    My 6 year old struggled with anxiety this last school year, adding Hey Warrior to our reading cycle has been so helpful. He’s able to better understand what’s happening and loves telling everyone about his warrior.

  28. Ashley A K (verified owner)

    Awesome books. Also, funny – which keeps kids engaged while they’re learning. There are several talking points in the books – good to note. Thank you for your work.

  29. Monika G (verified owner)

    We really enjoyed reading the Hey Warrior. The stroy is nicely told and captured my six year old’s imagination. We were able to refer to it effectively when my daughter became anxious during a walk and I believe it helped her self regulate quickly.

  30. Jeannine H (verified owner)

    I bought all three books for my Counseling Practice. Hey Warrior and Hey Awesome have had the best response from children, teens and adults of any books I have in my office library. Even children who usually are resistant to any type of book will allow me to read to them because they love the illustrations. After reading these books we continue to reference what they have learned in later sessions. I had to order more keychains within 6 months because so many client’s wanted one to take one home. I would highly recommend these books even if you don’t work with children. Just be sure to order the keychains because they are a great tool for mindfulness, CBT, redirecting negative thinking or whatever your client is using to reduce the intensity of symptoms.

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