Hey Warrior

A book for kids about anxiety. Kids can do amazing things with the right information. Understanding why anxiety feels the way it does and where the physical symptoms come from is a powerful step in turning anxiety around. Anxiety explained, kids empowered.

For ages 5-12 (and up).

‘Hey Warrior’ can be shipped worldwide.Available in softcover and hardcover.

(116 customer reviews)

From: USD $13.97

From: USD $13.97

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116 reviews for Hey Warrior

  1. Tracey (verified owner)

    Beautifully written and beautifully illustrated! I will get so much use from this book, working with primary aged children!

  2. Jessica (verified owner)

    Excellent book. I will use this book often, as a mental health therapist working with youth in Canada.

  3. Shayna (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this book! My kids Elementary school in Canada is doing a unit on mental health and the principal read this book to every class. My 7 year old with anxiety came home talking about his warrior and how it sometimes makes him have anxiety. The conversation was so good that I had to get the book for myself. (and I bought a couple extra for gifts). I love the conversations we have every time we read this book together and what it has done for my son to help him understand his feelings. I also got the Hey Awesome and We’re not Lions books as well, I would recommend them to everyone!

  4. MrsDavi (verified owner)

    Book and stuffy are very nice quality. Love how anxiety is presented in this book. My 8 & 6 yr old recognized which family members might be struggling with anxiety after reading this. So happy with this purchase!

  5. Krista G

    As a school counselor, this is an AMAZING resource to explore anxiety and the somatization with young children.

  6. Autumn A

    Great book!

  7. Sue (verified owner)

    This book is awesome! I a counselor and I use it all the time with kids.

  8. Jamie K

    This book is amazing! My 11 year old son has really struggled in the last year with fear and anxiety. This book made him feel like someone finally put his feelings into words!

  9. Laura B (verified owner)

    Wonderful book for children and adults alike! I purchased this for my son who struggles with anxiety but it also helped me as well. The schools guidance counselor loved it so much she borrowed my copy until hers arrives so she could use it with the students this fall.

  10. Tina S (verified owner)

    Love this treasureI Not just for kids! I use it with adults who I work with who struggle with anxiety. We all need a good dose of understanding why our body reacts the way it does when it does and that is what this book does. The images are comforting without being too childish.

  11. Karen S (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible. As a licensed therapist I am thrilled with this book. Parents love it and are interested in buying it as well! 10 stars!

  12. Aleksandra S (verified owner)

    ‘Hey Warrior’ is an amazing book to help anxious children. It is empowering, positive and provides kids with practical tools whilst helping parents put words on a complex topic. My 7 year old boy suffers from anxiety and it flared up after we moved interstate and he had to change school. Now he understands how his warrior works and what he can do to keep it in check. More importantly, he feels safe and more confident. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

  13. Brad P

    After sitting in my car with my daughter for over an hour trying to help her overcome her anxiety about school, I realized this was very real and I knew I needed professional help. I searched the internet and found your website. Thank you for sharing your expertise and for giving some insight into anxiety. We read the content of your website together and several times my daughter would shake her head yes and say, “that’s it, I experience all of these symptoms”. We immediately purchased Hey Warrior. We love the book and now my daughter feels like she has coping mechanisms and does not feel alone in her anxiety. We love the book and I am so thankful that you gave us tools. Now my daughter can choose to be brave and overcome her anxiety. It not only helped my daughter; it helped mom & dad. We tried so many things but they did not work!!! Thank you!

  14. Brad P

    After sitting in front of my daughters school for an hour because she was experiencing anxiety. I immediately searched online to find something to relate and give her comfort. I found your website. We read the content of your website together and immediately purchase Hey Warrior. She is 10 and repeatedly shook her head yes and told me “that’s it”. “That is how I feel”. We used a few of the suggestions on your website and we were able to walk her into her class. Thank you for sharing and for giving us some coping mechanisms to allow her to be “brave” and gave her anxiety. So thankful and we love the book.

  15. Nicole F (verified owner)

    As a mother and a licensed counselor this book is one of the best I have read to my daughters. They love the graphics and answered the questions at the end which added insight! Highly recommend!

  16. Dearne B (verified owner)

    This book has been life changing for my 18 year old son, it explains anxiety like no other book I have found and helps them understand what is happening when they have anxiety. I would recommend this book to anyone that suffers from anxiety.

  17. Elizabeth W (verified owner)

    I also did not realize it was coming from Australia. I have read it through, and loved how well everything is explained . There is so much information and written in a way the children understand. I have not had the chance to share with our grandchildren , but know they will enjoy learning about what Anxiety is, and the tools to help control it.I also love the illustration in the book, so pleased with my purchase.

  18. Ashley N (verified owner)

    Totally worth the wait and shipping. When I first bought this I hadn’t realized it was coming from Australia to the US. It took a little bit but I received updates about when it shipped, which was great.

    The illustrations are amazing and I love the way it was written. I have purchased and read a lot of anxiety books for kids and this one is my favorite. As an adult with anxiety, I felt like it even helped me think about my anxiety with more understanding as well.

    As a plus, it came adorably wrapped as well 🙂 My kids have watched Bananas in Pajamas enough that they call jello jelly. So they though the part with the jelly on his belly was hilarious. Thank you!

  19. Jennifer (verified owner)

    This book is amazing. If only it would have been written 31 years ago when my sons were diagnosed with OCD at 8 and 9 years of age. I had to do lots of research to find resources to bring in to the school board as their special ed consultants had no knowledge of this disorder at the time. Such stressful times. It will help children, parents and educators. My marriage did not survive the stress. This book would have helped lessen the stigma, denial and confusion. Thank you, thank you for this beautiful book. I will be giving it to my grandchildren who are now 4 and 7. It will help them understand themselves, as well as their father. Such a gift.

  20. Andrea (verified owner)

    This is such a beautifully written book. All of my children (5,7 & 9) really enjoyed it. We go back to it often and explore what is captured in the book. It’s been so helpful for them to understand what’s going on in their minds. Understanding is power and this book is powerful!

  21. Viv L (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful book – my 5 year old has really enjoyed it and it’s opened up a new language and way for us to talk about anxiety. I think it should be in every kindy and school, thank you!

  22. Michelle K (verified owner)

    This is an excellent book that should be a part of every classroom library. In a way that is easy to understand, for both children and their parents, the book shares the biology and chemistry that causes feelings of anxiety. This positive approach, helped empower my daughter to practice bravery, and overcome her feelings of shame about being “different”. Giving a name to her amygdala (Fred!) helped her to understand it’s purpose and recognize and accept that she CAN use strategies to help direct its energies and impulses, when it’s being over-protective.

  23. Amber S.

    This is a great book that uses an analogy that kids can easily understand about how the brain functions and how it functions with anxiety. The visuals are amazing. This has really helped my child understand what is happening when she experiences anxiety and has helped her be able to explain it to her friends.

  24. Pastor Ken (verified owner)

    I bought the book for my young people at church. They thought it was great the material is easy to read.

  25. Kate (verified owner)

    I bought this book for my granddaughter. She has engaged with it and is able to understand that her feelings can be hijacked by her amygdala. Hopefully it will help her.

  26. S. M (verified owner)

    An excellent book to address Anxiety with kids and teens. Can’t wait to see other books in this series!

  27. Tilly

    Absolutely just right for explaining anxiety. Not patronising so can be used for some adults also. Understanding about the benefit of breathing great

  28. Sue (verified owner)

    i found this book to be a positive way to address and demystify anxiety. I liked how it left you feeling what an awesome person you are and gives you some helpful tips on how to manage the overactive flight/fight mechanism that rears up as panic attacks and/or adrenaline fuelled response. Understanding what occurs in your body helps to alleviate the worry about anxious thoughts and reactions and settles in your mind what is taking place and what to do about it. The thoughtful illustrations are soft and engaging too. I bought this for myself and for a friend. We both work in Early Education.

  29. Erin (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic book with great resources to practice with your children and the illustrations are really fun and beautiful. Absolutely love the collection

  30. John (verified owner)

    I bought the book for a friend and her daughter and they love it!! I think most importantly it facilitated a more open dialog were her daughter is comfortable expressing herself. An observation on my part.

    Plus it can fom another continent so they kept the postage from its exciting adventure!!

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