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Why Do I Feel Anxious Sometimes?

Anxiety can feel like a big dirty troublemaker, but it’s actually not there to cause trouble at all. Here’s what you need to know.




Anxiety Explained

What happens in your brain and body during anxiety? (Hint: It’s pretty amazing!)




Do The Five

A simple way to find calm when anxiety hits.




How To Be Brave

All the courage you need is already in you, but it doesn’t always feel that way. Here’s how to find your ‘brave’.




How to Use ‘Hot Cocoa Breathing’ to Calm Anxiety

A deeee-licious way to be the boss of your brain. Hint: Get your (pretend) hot cocoa ready!




How to Use ‘Dragon Breathing’ to Calm Anxiety

A fun way to be the boss of your brain.




How to Use ‘Figure 8 Breathing’ to Calm Anxiety

A very excellent and feel-good way to be the boss of your brain.




Why Exercise is Soooo Good for Anxiety

Something very – very – cool happens in your brain when you exercise. Find out why it’s excellent at strengthening you against anxiety.




The Very Cool Things About You

It’s often the way that the things we would like to change about ourselves (like anxiety) often have strengths built into them. Here are some of yours. (And don’t worry, the good things about you are here to stay – they won’t change when your anxiety does.)


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