Hey Warrior
soft cover edition

A book for kids about anxiety. Kids can do amazing things with the right information. Understanding why anxiety feels the way it does, and where the physical symptoms come from, is a powerful step in turning anxiety around. Anxiety explained, kids empowered! 

For ages 5-12 (and up!).

‘Hey Warrior’ can be shipped worldwide. Available in softcover and hardcover.

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What people are saying...

I have read this amazing book with my class this term and they've loved it. It's provided the students with the opportunity to share their experiences and to realise that anxiety isn't their fault but they can take control. My students really enjoyed naming their warrior and the book has given us all a common language to explain how we're feeling. Thank you for a quality resource. I'll continue spreading the word.
B.J. on Facebook
This book is so good!
F.B. on Facebook
I LOVE it! ‘Hey Warrior’ will not only be a helpful book for children, but for adults, too. It’s so simply explained, but gives such an in depth explanation. Thank you. Thank you for explaining why we feel the way we do. Thank you for explaining that our strengths as anxiety sufferers are beautiful. Thank you for making anxiety less scary!
L.P. via email
I gave my eight year old grandson this book for Christmas. My son just tagged me on a post that my grandson loves it so much. It's his new favorite book and he wants to keep reading it. Thank you so much!!!
M.C.R.E. on Facebook
This book is beyond phenomenal for kids AND adults with anxiety
K on Instagram
It’s brilliant!
A.P. on Facebook
It is utterly brilliant. Thank you SO much for putting this together.
K.C. on Facebook
An amazing book! I have been giving it as gifts to adult friends suffering from anxiety.
L.L. on Facebook
Wish I had read this as a kid! Great book!
A.D. on Facebook
This book is life changing, not just for kiddos.
M.G. on Facebook
This is so important! Once my son learned what his brain is doing when his anxiety is taking over, he was empowered and able to manage those times better. The info has even helped me!
J.H. on Facebook
It’s just brilliant. It’s going to be a staple in my toolkit as a school counsellor. Thank you!
C.R. on Facebook
Amazing book. I use this is a social worker and find it to be so helpful. It's the best book on explaining anxiety to children. I love how gentle and kind it is.
K.U. on Facebook
Ordered while we were on holiday last week. Got back today and it had already been delivered (all the way to the UK). Thank you! Fantastic book, beautifully illustrated. Loved the packaging and good humour too.
A.B. on Facebook
Love this book! Just bought two more copies.
E.M.C. on Facebook
The power of well written words ♥️
S.D. on Facebook
This is a fantastic book ... I love it.
T.D. on Facebook
Received the book and it is wonderful! Highly recommend!!
J.A.D. on Facebook
This book is excellent and highly recommended. I'm an adult who experiences the bodily reactions described in this book - only in the last few years have I really developed an understanding about it. How wonderful to have an accessible tool to use with children experiencing anxiety so they don't spend 30 years thinking there is something wrong with them like I did! I'm now a primary school teacher who has a student with anxiety in my class. I can't wait to share this book with him when we get back from school holidays!
K.L. on Facebook
I could not love this book any more if I tried! Thank you so much for this incredible resource!
L on Instagram
Love, love, love this book! Did I mention that I love it??
M on Instagram
This is an incredible book written so that even my kindergarteners and a child with autism spectrum behaviors understand it and find it helpful. I have no affiliation to the author.
J.V. on Facebook
GREAT book!
J.B. on Facebook
A gem of a book - a must have for every kid who worries or is anxious.
NDK on Instagram
Absolutely LOVE this book.
V.B-C on Facebook
My girls loved the character, the illustration and the checklists at the back. Please write more, [they] really connected with it.
H.M. on Facebook
This book is amazing. We read it regularly with our girls and have all named our amygdalas funny names.
C.D. on Facebook
My son loves this book! He named his amygdala and he sometimes talks to it. :) A great read for both parents and children, I highly recommend it!
A.A.D. on Facebook
Oh please stop... I love this book so much.
A.T.W. on Facebook
I got this for my little girl who is selective mute and it is amazing - really helped her understand some of her feelings and we could talk about how she reacts etc. Thank you!
E.S. on Facebook
Thank you so much for writing this awesome book on this very important issue of anxiety that many people seem to dismiss. It has helped simplify the explanation of what this disorder actually is to kids and it is so well illustrated that it keeps kids of all ages engaged and interested in this difficult subject matter. Great read for both parents and kids. Every day is a struggle but tools like this are so extremely helpful. Thank you! ❤️
P.K.B. on Facebook
Love this book! It’s been amazing for my 6 year old. I can really recommend it. Shipped super fast to the uk.
H.W. on Facebook
I thought I was well educated about anxiety but I learned a lot from this book … and my 5 yo loves talking to his amygdala now!
R.R. on Facebook
Superb book.
G.G. on Facebook